Video Review: SWV “You’re The One”

A man presses a button on the arcade. On screen, Lelee, Taj and Coko drive motorcycles past scrolling red light. He calls his friends over.

Lelee, Taj and Coko wearing navy blue, white and pink pantsuits, strut at a photo shoot.

Against a white background, they perform a routine with several dancers. A woman in a black sports bra and black jogging pants runs her hand over her body.

Lelee, Taj and Coko bob their heads as an electric blue shadow follows them.

The men press the joysticks. One walks to the coffee table and looks at the magazine covers, which feature the Lelee, Taj and Coko.

Taj puts bunny ears over Coko’s head while the electric blue shadow bounces around.

The men jostle the joysticks around while Lelee, Taj and Coko stand next together with the electric blue shadow behind them.

Rating: 1/5

The arcade game, “You’re The One” was a flop. Only a few arcades sold in the United States. For some men, though, it had become a cult classic. Gameplay was simple. Keep the young women moving in unison throughout. If they move out of place, the level is lost.

The first level, where the young women ride motorcycles, was easy for men. They moved the joysticks from side to side, admiring the beauty of the women. The second level with the dance routine, though, was tougher. Each step had to match and be in time with the music.

However, it led to the bonus level, which was photoshoot. Capturing the perfect photo yielded extra points and lives.

One of the men commented the women looked familiar. They had done some modeling for some fashion magazines.

The men beat the game in one evening. However, they kept it on for the music and recorded it on some cassette tapes.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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