Video Review: Ariana Grande “One Last Time”

Multiple news station report that a comet is hurtling towards the United States. Rioting has occurred in a majority of the metropolitan areas. Grocery stores have empty shelves and lines at the gas stations have been long as people try to leave.

While sitting in traffic, Ariana Grande stares at the sky. She puts her hand on his camera and opens the passenger side door. Her boyfriend calls out her name as she leaves. She shields her eyes as she looks at the pink, burning sky and walks between the cars. She shoves herself past a small crowd questioning a police officer. As the sky turns yellow, bursting into three flames, the police officer attempts to hold back the small crowd. However, they break out into a run.

A woman lies unconscious in an ambulance. An emergency medical technician (EMT) holds up his hands to stop her. She leaps onto the pavement and sees a man subduing a gunman inside their home.

A fireman follows her as she runs to an apartment building. She spots a fireman treating a burned young woman. She points to the sky and walks inside to another home. A family is huddled on their couch, frightened and scared. She opens the door to building in flames and moves in the opposite direction.

In the control room of a news station, she views the footage on the multiple screens. A homeless man assaults her and she kicks him in the groin. After hearing the emergency alert signal, she leaves and walks down the hallway of another building. Firemen wave to her to go. The homeless man pushes the fireman and gets shoved into a bookcase. As the shelf falls on him, she runs up the stairs.

She walks up to the rooftop and turns to see the love of her life (Matt Bennett). She hugs him as the Earth explodes.

Rating: 5/5

Ariana Grande knows her last moments are near. Silent, she stares at the sky while in traffic, her boyfriend assures her it will be okay. She worries about her ex-boyfriend. Where is he? Is he alone? She leaves the car, despite her boyfriend’s protests, to find him.

Adrenaline rushes through her body as she weaves the panicked crowd of people on the street. Her heart shatters as she passes by the wounded. Any thought of the inevitable she pushes back into her mind. It can’t happen now.

The local news station issues its final warning. She defends herself against a homeless man. He apologizes as he follows her. She tells him she’s looking for her ex and he says he misses his family. A fireman tells her she can’t enter and puts his arms around her shoulders. The homeless man defends her, allowing her to escape.

She thanks the homeless man in her mind. His help was an act of kindness she can’t repay. On the rooftop, she tells him she loves him. She had to be with him. He whispers to her that she’s glad she’s there. They stare into one another’s eye as the comet hits.

Director: Max Landis Year: 2012

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