Video Review: Carrie Underwood & Ludacris “The Champion”

A runner tracks his feet through a puddle as he tries to exceed his best time. An American flag waves. In black-and-white, Martin Luther King, Jr. gives a speech. Eight-year-old girls celebrate their win on the softball field.

Carrie Underwood records in the studio.

A seven-year-old boy flexes his muscles. In elementary school, eight-year-old girls raise their hands in class. A group of friends throw their graduation caps in the air after walking on stage and receiving their diploma. A soldier salutes and a female police officer stands outside her car.

A female boxer hits the punching bag. In a photo, Muhammad Ali screams during a match. A teenage boy with Down Syndrome kisses his medal. Six-year-old girls learn first position from their teacher at ballet practice. A basketball player dunks the ball into the net. A fireman races into a home.

In black-and-white, protestors carry a banner stating “We March With Selma.” A woman holds up a #MeToo card. Bethany Hamilton rides a wave. Neil Armstrong holds the flag as he walks on the moon. Underwood auditions for American Idol and plays the guitar on stage years later. She sits in the studio, tapping her foot to the music.

A female dancer leaps among the drapes lining the stage. A man welds at his job. A man runs on the track with his prosthetic leg. A Muslim and fortysomething woman smile. A teacher asks his class to solve the equation on the chalkboard.

Ludacris raps in the studio.

A farmer throws some hay on the back of his truck. Serena Williams pumps her arms as she wins another match.

Ludacris raps on the couch inside the studio.

A young woman undergoing chemotherapy treatment sits on her bed. A ten-year-old  girl gives her doctor a high-five once she receives good news.

Underwood and Ludacris, both in split screen, continue to record. Their images become one of hundreds, then thousands and finally, millions.

Rating: 4/5

Success is hard-earned and fought with every muscle in the body. An athlete runs through the burning pain in their abdomen and legs as they try to reach the finish line. To get on the national stage, they have sacrificed their childhoods, living their lives for their sport. Competing is in their blood and no one will tell them no.

Courage to speak up for others means fighting back against the condescending voices. It takes a thick skin as people call out racism remarks and downplay the importance of their marches. The women of #MeToo buried their shame until they could no longer hold it inside. It was time to advocate for themselves and make the public aware of the sexual harassment they experienced. The men had been getting away with it for too long and something needed to be said.

Cancer patients, regardless of age, persevere through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Remission is the goal as they sit in their hospital beds, drained of their energy. They have parents who love them and want to see them grow. They want a future and a full, healthy life. After each bout of nausea, they fall asleep, repeating that they will live to see another day.

Director: Jimmy Lynch Year: 2018

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