Video Review: Luther Vandross “Never Too Much”

A man carries his boombox as he walks on the sidewalk. A second man sits in a park, tapping his hand on his leg while he listens to the radio. A young woman swings her foot as she reads on the bench.

In the recording studio, the producer puts on the track. Luther Vandross bobs his head and puts on his headphones. He begins to sing.

A woman walks on the sidewalk, listening to music on her headphones. The young woman sitting on the bench bobs her head as she hears in the music coming from a nearby radio.  A man spins while roller skating. Another man carries his boombox on his shoulder as he crosses the street. A third man rides his bicycle, his cassette player tucked behind his shirt.

A woman, wearing a white sweater, walks to work and listens to her favorite radio station.

Vandross continues to record in the studio.

Rating: 3.5/5

While studying for a literature class, a young woman listens to soul music to keep her focused as she reads. A man waits for his next class and hopes the radio plays his request. People blare their boomboxes as they walk across the street. They put their favorite song on repeat and want everyone to discover the new artist they found.

Soul music connects the people of various together. Although they believe they might not have anything in common, they do share a favorite soul artist. A snippet of a song starts a conversation and they exchange phone numbers.

Luther Vandross draws on personal emotion as he sings, hoping the people on the radio will connect to it. After work, he puts on his headphones and walks on the sidewalk to his car, listening to his favorite album. The same album plays in someone’s car as they sit in traffic. The young woman writes down the lyrics as the chorus from one of the singles gets her head as she sits on the bench. A man turns the volume up on the next song as he circles back to the parking garage.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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