Video Review: Meghan Trainor “No Excuses”

Against a sky blue background, Meghan Trainor flips her hair over her shoulders. She shakes her shoulders against a hot pink background.

Wearing a denim jacket, white bra and high waist red pants, she stands in the center with two versions of herself beside her. One sits on a silvery glitter block while the other leans against the blush color palette background.

Against the sky blue background, she has duckface lips.

Wearing a silver, metallic jumpsuit, she moves her arms in front of her head. Two versions of herself also dance against the gooey and sparkling blue background.

Against a teal background, she has her hands on her hips while wearing a black sweater with an orange bow on it and a striped skirt. Two versions of herself with black bars over their eyes mimic her moves.

The backgrounds rotate.

Against the sky blue background, she and the two versions of herself dance on fluffy, shredded cotton while wearing a silver embellished jacket, sports bra and white, baggy pants.

The backgrounds rotate again.

Against the hot pink background, she plasters on a tight grin and brushes some strands of her hair away from her face.

Rating: 0/5

Paris Fashion Week is currently going on until March 6, 2018. It would be beneficial for Meghan Trainor to attend and learn about couture. Even a subscription to Vogue would be a great start. However, some sort of interest in fashion is essential.

First, she needs to cut her hair into a bob. Holding onto the long, blonde hair is only trying to recreate the past. The red was a bold risk and with the return to blonde, it seems as though she’s scared to try.

Unfortunately, most of the outfits seem to emphasize her weight rather than be fit for her body shape. The silver jumpsuit has zero balance. It’s cut in the center for cleavage. However, it then hides her legs in bulky pants and sleeves.

The black sweater with the orange bow and striped skirt, though, is a classic look which suits her. It’s an attainable outfit that could be bought from Nordstrom or H&M. However, any sweaters with bows are currently on the clearance racks at department stores.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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