Video Review: Robbie Williams “Andy Warhol”

On a darkened stage, two women, wearing black bras and black sequined skirt, sit Robbie Williams in a stool.

Several women put their hands in front of eyes and then remove them. As he sits in the chair, the two women argue.

He takes off his sunglasses. Several women dance in a circle around him.

The women put their fingers on his face. They tap his cheeks and run their hands over his chin.

He moves his arms as the women continue to dance. One woman moves his chin while two others spread his ears. Two other women also pull up the skin around his eyes.

He grins as he circles his hands over two women’s butts. One woman puts maroon lipstick over his lips, smearing it over his face. A second woman adds blush to his cheeks while a third places a rose above his ear. A fourth woman massages his shoulders. A fifth woman puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it. He exhales. The fifth woman takes it out his mouth.

The women film him on their phones with the lipstick smeared on his face.

As he moves his arms, the woman behind him holds up a blow-up doll while the others dance. The woman tosses the doll. White powder gets thrown in the air.

In home video footage, a man, wearing a shirt and underwear, tips his hat, as he sits in his plane seat.

Williams snorts cocaine on his shirt. Two women sit on his knees and nod in agreement. The blow-up doll gets passed around. Two women fight over it.

A woman hands him the blow-up doll. He caresses its breast and kisses it on the lips.

Rating: 4/5

Andy Warhol would’ve loved Robbie Williams. Warhol, known for pop art,  painted silkscreen celebrity portraits and coined the phrase “in the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” In the 70s, he hung out at Studio 54, a disco club with his friends. One of his close friends included Bianca Jagger, whom he interviewed in 1975 for Interview magazine.

While celebrities gravitated towards Warhol, Williams would be next to him, snarking on their outfits and quotes to the press. It’s likely Williams, had he been famous in the 80s, would’ve been a fixture in the Andy Warhol Diaries. Nonetheless, Warhol would express concern for his friend’s alcoholism and drug addiction, commenting that he needs help. He wouldn’t mince any words about Williams’ behavior, either.

It’s likely the best friendship to have never happened.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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