Video Review: Craig David “Walking Away (European Version)”

In the United Kingdom, a man cleans the windshields of a car stuck in traffic. A second man, on the way to the office, cuts between the cars to reach the sidewalk. Craig David sits in the car, hands on the steering wheel, listening as his girlfriend criticizes him. He puts her hand up, asking her to stop and turns the volume up on the radio. Rolling down the window, he tunes her out as he listens to the scattered conversations and shouts from the street.

He gets out the car as she calls out to him. She pounds the dashboard as he continues to walk on the street. The road clears as he puts his hand on his head. People cross the street and disappear.

The city becomes a forest as he walks on the trail. His girlfriend follows him, fading in and out. At the grocery store, he clenches his teeth as she nags him. Two friends comment on his girlfriend’s behavior. A man in the next aisle turns to check on David.

He walks out of the grocery on a wooden board, leading to a dock. He appreciates the view. At night, he moves his arms as he tries to avoid a car on the road.

Rating: 4/5

The headaches and chest pains have stopped. Craig David calls his mom to let her know he’s feeling better. Her mother attributes it to him dumping his girlfriend, commenting that “she brought him down.”

His mother is right. Around his ex-girlfriend, he felt blood pressure rise whenever she spoke. He didn’t know what mood would be whenever he picked her up. Usually, though, she complained about her job and co-workers. She turned up her nose at the diners he chose for dinner and instead picked out some obscure place she read about on a foodie website.

Nonetheless, getting her way all the time wasn’t enough. She nitpicked his clothes, saying they were inappropriate (“cheap was what she meant to say,” a friend commented and rolled his eyes). In the middle of the grocery store, she demanded for him to come back here and listen to what she had to say. It was embarrassing as he watched people stare at them. One man gave him an apologetic look.

The idea of being single again no longer scared him. The stress of being with her was impacting his health. He left her as she continued to rant and walked several miles back to his flat.

Director: Max & Dania Year: 2000


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