Video Review: P!nk “Whatever You Want”

Pink sits in the studio and waits for the producer. Backstage, during her Beautiful Trauma tour, she sneaks behind a wall, forming a finger gun with her hands.

She performs on stage.

Backstage, she rolls around on the floor and gives a high-five to a crew member. She rehearses some choreography for the 2017 MTV Music Video Awards and gives a thumb-up to her manager.

She slaps husband Carey Hart’s butt as they walk by the stage.

Makeup sylists fix her hair and brush her eyes. Willow dances backstage. An assistant hands her Jameson and she holds him in her arms. At the 2017 MTV Music Video Awards, she puts the earpiece in and asks a crew member a question. She waves. In the audience, Hart and Willow clap.

She and Hart play fight backstage, which leads to her hugging him. She goes over a kick with the choreographer. After her performance at the MTV Movie Awards, she points to Willow.

In black-and-white, Pink licks Hart’s cheek and cuddles next to him as he talks. Back in color, he competes in a motocross race.

On tour, Pink rides onto the stage. It was an entrance she rehearsed and perfected before the tour began. Willow bounces when she sees her baby brother. Pink stands in the cloth trapeze, her posture tight as its tested from left to right. Hart and Willow sit in plastic chairs and watch.

At Super Bowl LII, she says hello the cheerleaders. She waves hello to the people seated in the first couple of rows. Hart taps her on the back and points. She drinks some water and raises her arms as she prepares. A young woman wishes her luck. At the microphone, she takes out her cough drop and smiles. She films her Hart and Willow on her phone.

Backstage, she and her band chant. She twirls in the air on the trapeze and scales the audience as she sings. She spins backwards on stage, touching the chair with her hand. Meanwhile, Hart competes in a motocross race.

Rating: 4/5

Family is first for Pink. Whether she is on tour or performing at an event, Hart and her children are there. She wants her daughter, Willow, to see that she can do anything. She can learn to fly in the air or sing on stage. She can even ride a motorcycle like her father one day, if she wants. It’s up to her.

She won’t allow her career to destroy her family, either. Her life was chaotic for many years and she nearly lost Hart to it once. Together, they figure out their schedules and try to arrange it so they can be involved with their children. She has heard stories of her peers not seeing their children or spouses for six months, returning home to people who don’t know who they are. She wants to pack Willow’s lunch and hold Jameson’s hands as he takes his first steps. She wants to listen to Hart’s frustrations about the competition and vent to him about the trapeze in person.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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