Video Review: Niall Horan “On The Loose (Version 1)”

In the late evening., Niall Horan drives out to the desert. He gets out of his car and takes off his sunglasses.

A young woman, her floral denim jacket around her shoulders, dances in the sand while the sun sets.

Horan walks on the sand. She turns and smiles, her long, dark hair flowing in the wind. She runs and puts her hand in her hair. She takes off her jacket and glances over her shoulder.

At sunset, he sits next to a friend while she holds a drink in her hand. She and her friends dance by the palm trees. She clinks her glass as she makes a toast with her friends. Whiskey spills from her glass as she turns. She blows him a kiss.

At a mansion, lit in a sleazy red, she hangs out on the porch, drinking with a group of men. They throw money at her and she bites on her necklace. A man puts his arm around as she dances.

He walks on the sidewalk of the neighborhood, viewing the skyline over the hills. Hands in pockets, he walks to the backyard of a home and watches as she dances around a fire pit.

In the desert, he waits for her to get inside the car.

Sparks scatter into the night sky while she turns, her shoulders tanned from the California sun.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman’s dangerous reputation was one Niall Horan dismissed. He had talked to her in passing and believed she was a kind person. He chalked up the warnings as gossip and jealousy towards a charismatic young woman who lived life by her own rules.

He broke the rules early on in their relationship. She often suggested late night trips to dive bars and the beach. However, she would disappear for hours at a time at the bar. He would reach for her while she danced on the sand and she ignored his arms. He spoke up and told her he needed something more from her. She didn’t take his calls for weeks.

Three months later, she arrived at his home and started mixing drinks in his kitchen. She said they were attending a party at a friend’s house tonight. Once he drove over there, he realized the owners weren’t home and her friends had broken through the screen door in the backyard. He pointed it out to her and she handwaved it off, saying the owners knew. Midway through the night, he caught her as she stumbled around. She slurred as she rattled off the men’s names she slept with and asked if he had any cocaine.

In between date nights with him, he discovered she was an escort to some of the wealthy twentysomethings heading start-ups in the area and was battling a drug addiction. He deleted her number from his contact list and issuing warnings to some of his friends who were interested in her.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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