Video Review: Camila Cabello “Never Be The Same (Version 2)”

As her boyfriend films her in their hotel room, she glances over to him and puts the strap back on her shoulder. In a robe, she pulls up her hair in a ponytail and asks him how she should wear it.  She sits on the bed and grabs a plate of fries from the cart. She throws a pillow at him. Lying down on the bed, she gazes into his eyes. She tells him to “Stop! Turn this off!”

Leaning against the rock on another planet, she wears a scarlet red leather dress.

Wearing a white ball gown, she touches her chin as she walks on the rug in the studio.

Behind a clear cube of plexiglass, she scratches the surface, wearing an electric blue dress with a square pattern.

Back in the hotel room, she uses a brush as a microphone. She crawls on the bed and then inside the clear cube. On the bed, she taps her phone and then looks at the camera.

Standing next to an imposing curved sculpture, she wears an off-shoulder bodysuit with a train attached to it. Underneath a crystal blue sky, she hugs her shoulders as she stands naked in the ocean. Back in the hotel room, she looks out the window. She clasps the buttons on her boyfriend’s white t-shirt in front of the mirror.

She asks him to turn the camera off again and puts her hand on the lens.

Rating: 2/5

Camila Cabello’s boyfriend asks her to sing. Wearing his white t-shirt from last night, she holds the brush to her mouth and begins her favorite love ballad. A junior associate at a law firm, he lives in tuxes and white shirts. He had to attend a conference and invited her to be with him for the weekend.

She had been nervous about the weekend for a month. Up until that point, they hadn’t slept together and hadn’t put any labels on their relationship yet. However, as he whispered “I love you” in her ear as they made love. Waking up, naked in his arms, she was comfortable and overpowered by her newfound sensuality.

He kissed her goodbye as she flipped through Vogue on her phone. She viewed the new Spring 2018 haute couture collections, with its emphasis on space exploration and asymmetrical edges, with an adventurous eye. The elegant ivory-white ball gown, though, was the most accessible dress. Although it seemed to be an innocent piece, the plunging neckline was limitless while throwing a middle finger towards any judgement.

Director: Grant Singer Year: 2018

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