Video Review: New Kids on the Block “Step By Step”

In black-and-white, Jordan dances as the director clicks the clapper. The security guard says hello to Donnie as he drives into the studio lot. Jordan, Donnie and Joey sing at one microphone. Danny stands alone by his.  Outside, Jonathan puts on his sunglasses. Joey leaps over the drum set. Jordan break dances. They perform a routine on a staircase. Joey spins around, his shadow enlarged behind him.

As they perform on stage, it changes to color. Joey and Jordan are highlighted in teal. Donnie drives around on his motorcycle. They slide their feet across the floor in black-and-white while the stage remains in color.

Donnie lifts weights. Against a smushed carrot background, Joey dances in a suit.

Lit in Parisian blue, they continue to perform on stage. Wearing a suit, Joey dances against the Parisian blue background. Leaning against a wall, Donnie smiles as he gets am apple. Jordan gives some pointers to the small orchestra. Jordan sings on stage while Donnie, Jonathan, Danny and Joey walk to their corners in black-and-white.

Sitting on the steps of the stage, they shield their eyes. Joey slaps Jordan’s hand as he laughs. Danny performs in color while Joey stands next to him in black-and-white. An electric blue laser shoots through Jordan as he dances. The band freezes on stage while Jordan dances.

Jonathan says hello to his friends as he sits outside the studio, reading a script. Lit in faded aqua, Donnie’s friends hang out with him while he sits on his motorcycle. He puts his arm around his brother, Mark.

The band continues to perform on stage.

Donnie bites into an apple.

Rating: 3/5

As the choreographer leaves, Jordan reiterates her notes and says if they wanted to have their continued success, they need to listen. Jordan rolls his eyes as Joey and Danny joke. Neither of them take his job as seriously like him. After the second album, he plans to go solo. He doesn’t need them. They are holding him back.

A year into the group, Danny really doesn’t know what he’s doing on stage. Singing was something he did for fun. However, the manager chides him for eating hamburgers all the time and tells him he needs to work out more with Donnie.

Donnie attends rehearsal. However, sometimes he cuts out early to drive around on his motorcycle. Young women recognize him and sometimes he’ll stop to make out with a few.  The manager has told him to stop taking such long breaks. He shrugs it off. The group is only a pit stop for him.

Joey thinks everything is awesome! The food service has sushi! The girls are so pretty! OMG, the song is a hit everywhere! He calls his mom to let her know that he just saw the largest tire while driving through Michigan.

Jonathan reads the teen magazines’ articles about him dating Tiffany. The magazines deem it as true love. Per his manager’s advice, he denied them. No one can know his secret. It would end the band in an instant.

Director: N/A Year: 1990


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