Video Review: Starship “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”

From Mannequin, Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) rides his motorcycle after working the evening shift at his job.

Hollywood (Meshach Taylor) straightens Grace’s arm. Mickey stops his motorcycle and looks at her displayed in the storefront.

In the clip, Jonathan runs to the storefront and smiles once he sees a mannequin he designed in the window. Inside the window, he takes out a rag from his pocket when Emmy (Kim Cattrall) bends down and asks him a question.

Grace becomes alive and races to Mickey, who is standing on the sidewalk. Grace pulls him by the hands.

In the clip, Jonathan and Emmy ride on his motorcycle.

Grace joins Mickey and the band in another storefront. Grace sings as the band plays.

In the clip, Jonathan dances with Emmy. Emmy tries on lingerie in the department store and opens her coat for Jonathan.

Grace, Mickey and the band stand in another store window. Grace turns on the fire hydrant.

In the clip, Hollywood uses the hose against some police officers.

Mickey shuts the water off for Hollywood.

In the clip, Jonathan hangs from a sign. Police officers chase Jonathan into the department store. Jonathan plays guitar while Emmy dances.

Grace walks away from the window and returns back to her store. Mickey notices she’s gone. Hollywood walks in and sees Mickey posing on his motorcycle.

Rating: 3/5

Grace longs to be human. They fall in love and have children. Some have adorable animals. They indulge on ice cream, stuffed hot dogs and coffee. However, she’s stuck in a plastic body that won’t move. However, seeing Mickey allows her to be alive. She realizes she has powerful singing voice, which impresses Mickey. For a few hours, she performs with his band. But she knows it’s only temporary. Mickey decides to give up his human life and become a mannequin.

Jonathan, though, from Mannequin, believes no one will appreciate his work. Emmy is his greatest creation. His passion for his art bonded him to her, allowing her to be human. Emmy asks for his opinion as she shops in the store and dances to music for the first time. However, she can’t prevent Jonathan from getting in trouble with the police. She loves being human and Jonathan has become her best friend.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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