Video Review: Why Don’t We “Trust Fund Baby”

Daniel speeds down the side street while brushing his teeth. Josiah, his backpack on his shoulder, waits for Daniel on the sidewalk. They greet each other and Josiah puts his backpack in the trunk.

As Daniel continues to drive, Josiah spots a young woman, wearing a sweatshirt and pants, talking to her friend. The car jerks to the left. They get out and discover it’s a flat tire. Although they have the tools, they don’t know what to do. The young woman across the street helps them with it. Josiah watches her fix it and tells her thanks. They drive her to school.

Josiah and Daniel run into the school as the bell rings for first period. Josiah drops his books, scattering his notes all over the hallway. A third young woman stops to pick up some his notes. He glances over his shoulder as he walks with Daniel and meets her gaze.

During gym, a fourth young woman pitches to Corbyn as they play on the baseball field. The young woman knocks him over while they play field hockey.  Zach walks to the chalkboard in his math class and solves the formula.

In an advanced science class, two young women work on a robot and send it into Zach’s class with a note. Zach reads the notes and checks yes.

Daniel, Corbyn, Josiah, Jack and Zach hang out at the skate park with some of their female friends. One female friend wipes out on the pavement. With bloodied hands, she prepares to ride her skateboard again. Jack asks the young woman about the design on her skateboard. The young woman who bumped into Josiah in the morning takes pictures of her friend’s flips and turns with her camera.

In the darkroom, the young woman teaches Daniel how to work the equipment. She kisses Josiah on the cheek as she leaves.

Josiah, Daniel, Corbyn, Jack and Zach meet each after final period and then stop to watch a female dance crew perform.

Rating: 5/5

During the morning announcements, the senior class president congralutes the robotics team who won their competition over the weekend. The drone was designed by a young woman, a junior and Zach’s crush. Zach taps Daniel’s shoulder in class and grins. He’s liked her ever since sixth grade and finally got the nerve to talk to her earlier in the year. Some of Zach’s friends sneered when he mentioned her. The cheerleaders rolled their eyes and mocked her. However, he stood up for her, stating she was smart and friendly. He hopes to go to prom with her.

Josiah, a sophomore basketball star, is best friends with a young woman in his neighborhood. She’s into art and photography. They’ve known each other all their lives. While dating his ex-girlfriend, he realized he had feelings for her. But he isn’t sure if she’s interested.

Corbyn’s friend, an All-State softball player, kids around as she pitches to him. He misses it at first and then finally hits some home runs. She shrugs. Corbyn wants to at least make the All-City team. However, he isn’t sure.

The young women in their high school have organized rallies over the double standards of the dress code. Several young women had gotten suspended for wearing yoga pants. The school board had no choice but to allow them after the young women spoke up at the meeting, pointing out the misogyny in determining what they should wear. They have been awarded a majority of the athletic and academic scholarships. Most plan on entering computer science programs after graduation.

Director: Jason Koening Year: 2018

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