Video Review: Avril Lavigne “What The Hell”

Avril Lavigne, wearing a black, lacy bra and panties, wakes up and looks at her sneakers lined up in a row by her shelves of vinyl. She smiles and reaches over to her boyfriend, who kisses her back. She sits up on the bed and puts on his white shirt over her underwear. Barefoot, she walks over to the mirror and sprays on some perfume. He hugs her. She leads him to the bathroom and locks him inside.

Dressed in denim shorts, fishnet stockings and an off-the-shoulder t-shirt, she spots an idle taxi cab and takes off. Her boyfriend follows her on his bike. She blows him a kiss. After turning the corner, she gets out of the taxi while it’s still running. The taxi hits a parked car.

She walks to a basketball court and feels a twentysomething man’s muscles. One of the young men hands her the basketball and she scores two points. Her boyfriend drops his bike and she scurries away.

At a vintage clothing store. she greets the clerk and tries on sunglasses. She hides behind a clothes rack once she spots her boyfriend walking inside. She picks out some Abbey Dawn t-shirts and throws her clothes out the dressing room, which her boyfriend catches. He follows her as she leaves. However, the cashier stops him and tells him he needs to pay.

Lit in teal, she glances over her shoulder to see if he followed her into the club. She runs her hands over his face and then leaves through the beaded curtain. Climbing on top of a table, she walks on stage and begins to perform.

After she sings, she finds him in the crowd and return home. She cuddles with him in bed.

Rating: 4/5

He stayed over again. It’s becoming a regular occurrence and Avril Lavigne isn’t sure she’s ready for a real relationship again. She let her boyfriend know she wanted things between them to be casual. However, he continues to call her, asking her about her day and they make plans.

In line at the coffee shop, she flirts with the guy standing in line next to her and exchanges numbers with her. The guy texts her later for a date and she turns him down. He was cute and pleasant. However, she’d rather spend her time with her boyfriend.

Over dinner, her boyfriend says he’ll give her time. She rolls the noodles around her fork and shrugs, telling him okay. He adds that she needs to stop fighting her feelings and accept that maybe she cares about him. She puts some parmesan cheese on her spaghetti and gives him a small smile in return.

Director: Marcus Raboy Year: 2011

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