Video Review: MAX “Holla”

On his cellphone, MAX lets his friend know he’s at the warehouse. In the hallway, a man with a knife watches him. He knocks on the door. The three men inside listen. One cracks his knuckles.

His friend lets him inside. A second man kicks a chair to him. He sits down. His friend cuts his hair into a mohawk.

He and his friends walk into the DCD2 club. A snake slithers on the table. A blonde woman with short hair smokes at the bar. One man pushes him to the stage. He walks to the microphone and begins to sing.

Some people throw napkins at him. He turns his back and he gets shoved. He starts to sing again. People move him towards the center of the audience. He bumps into a tattooed man, who punches him. MAX falls to the floor and gets back on stage. The man hugs him.

On stage. he dances and the crowd cheers for him.

Rating: 2/5

In the mirror, MAX stared at his skinny jeans and t-shirt. A dive bar, known for its rowdy crowd, had broken a number of bands, had told him they wanted him to perform. In his experience, he has seen bands called out while on stage. One male singer began to cry as he was led off the stage by the host.

He consulted his friend, who made him over into a rebellious rocker. Walking to the stage, it’s as though he can feel the crowd see through him. The boos sting but he pushes through the lyrics, tuning the crowd out. However, as they throw stuff at him, he turns to leave. The manager tells him to stay.

It was a successful night. A tooth of his is somewhere in the club after a man punched him. It was a small crowd. If he wants to continue, they’ll be rough nights where his voice gives out. He has to be prepared and learn. The manager invites him to play next weekend. On his way home, he types notes into his phone, wanting to remember the thrill of it all.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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