Video Review: Taylor Swift “Delicate (Version 1)”

On the red carpet, Taylor Swift, wearing a Naeem Khan fringed gown, cocks her head to the left as she listens to the reporter’s question. She puts on a smile and begins her pre-planned answer. A young man hands her note as she walks to the entrance of the theater.

Flanked by her bodyguards, she walks into the hotel. She stops to pose for a couple of fans in the lobby. Behind her, a bellboy runs towards her and one of her bodyguards pulls him away. She winces as she’s grabbed by the shoulders. Rolling her eyes, she decides to stop and walk backwards. Her bodyguards follow her movements.

Note in hand, she sits in a chair in the lobby and looks into the mirror. She pulls the skin on her mouth and cheek. frowns and gives a toothy, wide smile. She closes one eye and makes an exploding sound, complete with hand gestures. After waving at some people, she notices her reflection is no longer in the mirror.

She walks up the group of young women and stands in between them, waving her arm while they talk. She snaps her finger in the face of one of her bodyguards and jumps behind a man.

Standing in the by the steps, she removes the a part of her dress and begins to dance barefoot. In the bathroom, she grins at a woman. However, the woman applies lipstick and Swift checks the mirror again.

She continues to dance at the train station and takes the subway. In the pouring rain, she skips past a construction area and splashes in a puddle. does the splits on the hood of a car.

The note close to her face, she walks into a restaurant and everyone turns to look at her. She smiles.

Rating: 2/5

Checked out, Taylor Swift stands in line at the red carpet, waiting to talk to the next reporter. Five times, she’s answered Naeem Khan. She slumps her shoulders, knowing who’s next. He’s a known pervert within the industry and she can’t stand him. Her publicist reminds her it’s a necessary interview and she isn’t in a position to speak up.

At the awards show, she claps and dances to ward off any weird reaction shots from the pesty camera. A close friend of hers wins an award and she gives him a hug. She’s proud of him and it’s his turn now for the accolades.

She skips the after party. Her peers don’t seem to want to talk to her anymore and the executives ignore her for the new twentysomething, drinking champagne and celebrating her win.

No one really knows her. She’s been in the public eye for over a decade and due to her controlled image, there isn’t any time she can say she experienced a human moment. She wants to ride the subway with people and talk about the news. She wants to shop at the mall and buy something on clearance from an inexpensive store. While walking home, she wants to try to eat a hot dog from a street vendor and dribble mustard on her chin. A normal life.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2018

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