Video Review: Brett Young “Mercy”

A piano plays by itself on the beach. Brett Young sits behind it, writing notes in his journal. A young woman, wearing a red dress, walks barefoot on the sand at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

He sits at the bench, jotting down lyrics. At the beach, she tips her straw hat and lays out a blanket for a picnic. She drinks some red wine.

Back at the White Sands National Monument, she kneels at the blanket, pouring sand from the wine glass.

Wearing her bra, she sits at her vanity and puts on some lipstick. In the red dress, she stares into the mirror.

At home, she splashes water at him while in the pool and swings in the hammock. She rests her feet on the dashboard as they take a road trip. She leans against the kitchen counter and looks out the window. She puts her hand up and walks out of the room.

In bed, she grins as she touches the tip of the sheet over her head. Holding a cup of coffee, she looks at the patio before heading to work. She screams at the dinner table.

Back at White Sands, she sees the same dinner table placed on the sand.

He walks away from the piano. Wearing her glasses, she shakes her head at him as she looks up from her book. She ignores him while she combs her hair.

Walking further on the beach, she sees the dinner table has been turned over and the strings of the hammock in shreds. She throws her comb back on the sand. Papers fly over her.

Suitcase in hand, she tells him to stop and leaves. At the pool, she taps her lips and he bends down to kiss her. She throws him in the pool with her. As he drives, she rubs the back of his neck.

Back at home, she walks towards the door and lets out a deep breath. She turns back and then decides to open the door.

At White Sands, he looks up from his notes while he sits on the piano bench. She stares at him.

Rating: 3/5

Brett Young had sent the divorce papers in the mail. He paused as he dropped it inside. It was really over. There was a brief period where it seemed like they would be able solve their issues. He attended counseling sessions halfheartedly but didn’t contribute much. The therapist had asked him “why do you think you’re here” and he had to make up an answer.

During their separation, she came home, tears in her eyes. He was working on some new songs and he was stunned to see her standing in the doorway. She apologized and said she wanted to try again. “It can still be forever,” she added. He kissed her on the forehead and told her she had to leave. Marriage had been a status on her social media accounts and he had become the symbol. She had posted gushing pictures of them together and sweet anniversary notes to his wall for all their friends to see. In private, she nagged him for watching sports and questioned about every woman who responded to his posts.

His cell phone dings as he gets back into the car. It’s his sister. She invites him over to dinner with her family. He shouldn’t have to be alone tonight. He thanks her and says he’ll be over at six.

Director: Seth Kupersmith Year: 2018

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