Video Review: Spice Girls “Stop”

In Ireland, Geri Haliwell thanks a sixtysomething man and walks knocks on the next door. Melanie Chishold answers. The pattern continues with Emma Bunton and Victoria (Adams) Beckham, with Melanie Brown as the last door. A thirtysomething woman, hair in rollers, opens her door, arms folded and watches them as they talk.

In he street, Haliwell, Chisholm, Beckham, Brown, and Bunton dance. A ten-year-old boy sways his head as he rides in the basket of his father’s bike. A twentysomething man walks with his white horse.

Chisholm joins some eight-year-olds playing jump rope. A nine-year-old girl plays hopscotch. Haliwell walks up to a group of children playing cat’s cradle. Bunton plays pat-a-cake with a six-year-old girl. A couple of young people swing hula hoops around their hips. Haliwell pets the horse and rides it. Beckham smiles as the hula hoop twirls around her hips.

They run into a local bar and begin to perform on stage. Some of the senior citizens clap at their tables. The thirtysomething and fortysomethings stand up and claps their hands over their hands. A sixtysomething man dances.

Rating: 3/5

A man on the train had mentioned to Emma Bunton he was going to a local festival in a rural Ireland town. He went every spring. However, many people didn’t stop there, preferring to stay in Dublin instead. Bunton wrote down the information and said she’ll say something to her manager.

After a promo shoot in Dublin, they decided to go to the fair. The senior citizens were puzzled by their trendy clothes and didn’t know who they were. The children waved to them and asked them to play. Melanie Chisholm won a stuffed bear at the fair. Bunton decided to donate their performance fees to the town. Melanie Brown and Beckham did some shopping and bought some homemade jewelry. Geri sat down and talked with some of the senior citizens.

Back on the train, they thanked Emma for the suggestion. They had met some wonderful in the traditional town. For the most part, they were able to be anonymous. A majority of the senior citizens didn’t know who they were. However, the children were glad to see them.

Director: James Byrne Year: 1998

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