Video Review: Willa Ford & Lady May “F*** The Men (A Toast To Men)”

Against a sunny yellow background, several women in silhouette throw some clothes.

Willa Ford, in a pink corset and white hot pants, sits on a couch.

In the family room inside the sorority house, she and some of her sisters dance in their  lingerie.

Against an olive-green painted wall, Lady May, wearing a leopard printer halter top, raps.

A friend joins Ford on the couch.

Lady May raps in the family room while Ford dances.

In a low-cut halter dress, split past her at her breasts and reaching her navel, which she dances near the stairs. Wearing a white corset and heels, she rests her legs over the arms of the chair.

Ford and her friends drink some champagne.

Ford bumps Lady May on the couch.

Two men walk to the center of the room and begin to take off their pants.

A mannequin drops near the couch. Lady May jerks back, holding her hat. Ford laughs.

Rating: 2.5/5

Willa Ford puts on some lipstick and runs downstairs for a meeting. The president  raises her eyebrow and taps her wrist. Ford smiles and shrugs.  Her mother and sister had both been members. Once she arrived at college, she pledged. When she received her invitation to join, her sister and mother had driven up to the college to celebrate. Ford listened as the president outlined the plans for the upcoming lingerie party.

The president raised her glass of champagne and said a toast before the party, denouncing the men. She and her sisters repeated it unison and downed their drinks. Her best friend told the DJ to turn the volume up and everyone began to dance.

They had hired two male exotic dancers for entertainment the party. It was a treat for themselves. Some of her sisters had gotten dumped by the brothers in the other fraternities. Her best friend’s boyfriend had claimed she became a shallow once she joined and ended it. Ford kept getting hit on by chemistry majors at the bar, who listed their research as reasons to go out with them.

Ford wakes up on the couch and rubs her head. Her best friend groans on her shoulder, smearing some of her blush onto her skin. Ford runs to the sink. The president, lying on the floor, asks in a groggy voice, if anyone paid for the exotic dancers. She doesn’t remember.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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