Video Review: Aaliyah & Timbaland “Are You That Somebody?”

In the early morning, a group of men speed off in their motorcycles. Hiding in the bushes, Aaliyah watches through her binoculars and walks away. Two men disappear into the door.

Arms crossed, she waits for the men inside the cave. With an owl perched on her arm, she begins to sing.

She walks between two metallic coated walls and then performs a routine with some dancers. The owl flies away.

In silhouette, she and another dancer performs. From the film, Dr. Doolittle, John Doolittle (Eddie Murphy) frowns. John hugs his wife, Lisa (Kristen Wilson). Lisa massages John’s shoulders while Aaliyah dances alone.

As the dance routine continues, John swerves to avoid hitting a dog in the clip. The owl sits on Aaliyah’s arm again. She winks.

In the corner, Timbaland raps.

On the screen, the owl flies to John. The tiger talks. John puts his arm around his wife.

Lit in copper and in silhouette. she and the dancers wave a fan as they finish their routine.

Rating: 2.5/5

There had been some disturbances at the cave. One of Aaliyah’s friends had informed her that some men had been lurking and glancing inside. They seem to have been studying entrance.

Aaliyah kept watch for a week and told her friends to be safe once they reached the outside. The men were able to ride through the entrance. However, Aaliyah had been anticipating it and was able to confront them.

Aaliyah wards them off with a dance routine. On screen, she uses clips of cute animals and Eddie Murphy to entertain the men. It distracts them as the men discuss their favorite Eddie Murphy movie. Beverly Hills Cop wins a majority of the vote.

Nonetheless, she and her dancers change outfits within a single arm move and the men are nowhere to be found.

Director: Mark Gerard Year: 1998

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