Video Review: 3LW “Playas Gon’ Play”

Kiely’s parents instruct the her, Adrienne and Naturi to meet them back at the resort by 5 pm. They wave to Kiely’s parents in the golf cart and head for the swimming pool.

Kiely treads water. They take a walk on the trail and dance in the gazebo. At the pool, a guy tips his sunglasses to his nose as he checks them out. One guy’s eyes widen as they pass by. They wave to guy sitting on the lounge chair.

On the beach, a couple of the guys ask them if they want to hang out for a while. Adrienne plays keep away with the football. They each ride a jetski. By the garden, they and several dancers perform a routine. They swim in the pool.

A young man dives from the cliff and into the ocean. Kiely, Naturi and Adrienne dip their feet in the ocean as they sit in the garden.

At 4:55 pm, they wait at the curb for Kiely’s parents. Kiely’s mom and dad give them some maroaccas.

Rating: 3.5/5

Adrienne opens Kiely’s refrigerator and gets a can of soda. Naturi closes her history textbook. Kiely calls her best friends over to the computer. Her parents uploaded the pictures from the trip.

Kiely points to the picture of them standing together at the hotel entrance, jet-lagged but smiling. “That was such a long flight!” Naturi adds. Adrienne laughs at the next picture of them at the pool. They stayed there for hours, checking out guys. Kiely says one of the guys emailed her and asked her how she was doing. Adrienne squeals and asks her if they are going to have a long-distance relationship. Kiely shrugs and says they are just friends.

Naturi tells her to stop at the next photo: they smile at the seafood restaurant, their plates full of shrimp and lobster. “I can’t eat shrimp here anymore. ” They nod. The food was awesome! Kiely flips to the next photo of Naturi digging into a dessert they all shared. “I was so stuffed but I really could’ve eaten the whole thing by myself.” Adrienne comments, “it was soooo good!”

They view pictures of the sunsets and the beach. One of the guys they hung out with waves at the camera. Kiely laughs while on the jet ski. “I thought I was going to fall off,” she adds. Adrienne sips her soda and says her family is going to vacation for spring break. They are invited to come.

Best friends since the 6th grade, Kiely, Adrienne and Naturi have fought, became friends of the family and stood up for each other at school. However, Kiely has noticed some tension between Naturi and Adrienne. They like the same boy. For some reason, Adrienne is really territorial about the guy. The boy and Naturi get along great, though. Kiely hopes it doesn’t mess up their plans.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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