Video Review: Anastacia “Not That Kind”

As some red light shines on the small stage at the club, Anastacia performs with her band.

Lit in silhouette and her image split in two, she sings as the cardinal sun sets in the sky.

She shakes her shoulders and points to the audience as she sings. People raise their arms as they listen. By the brick wall, her best friend snickers at something a young man says.

During break, she puts her glasses back on and sits in a booth with a friend. They giggle at a joke. Later, the young man moves towards her neck and she pushes him away.

She walks in the center of the club.

She continues to perform on stage.

Rating: 3/5

During a break, Anastacia waved to the owner. She sat the counter and ordered a drink. A few women complimented her, telling her they started to come to the club again because of her. She thanks them. Her best friend smiles and whispers to her that she’s now a star.

They head to a booth and talk. She and a friend people watch and giggle. Her friend mentions that a guy has been asking about her all night. She sips her drink and asks her  friend to point him out. She nods and puts her drink down as he approaches them. They talk about music for a while. He plays guitar in a band but adds they aren’t all that good. Midway through their conversation, he leans in to kiss her and she squeezes his chin. “Not now,” she tells him and pats his knee, saying not to worry about it.

As she leaves with her friends, several men follow her. Her friends tell her she’s going to have to invest in security soon. She has groupies now and needs to be safe. Anastacia bursts out in laughter at “groupies.” Her best friend reminds her that her life is changing. She’s a local celebrity now. Anastacia says she’ll think about it.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2000

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