Video Review: Miguel & Travis Scott “Sky Walker”

Standing in the road, Miguel wears a matador outfit. A car races towards him.

He splashes some water in the ocean and sits between two women on the sand. One woman hands him a camera. He dances on steps of his patio in the backyard with several women watching him. A woman brings a birthday cake to him.

He takes the bag of popcorn out of the microwave. Once he sits on the couch, the women grab handfuls of popcorn, leaving the bowl empty. A friend has fallen asleep on the couch. He whispers to the women he has a plan. A woman takes a picture of him as he stacks red plastic cups on his friend’s head.

He rubs his stomach while he sits in a sauna with the a couple of women. In a fighter plane, he salutes his captain. On his driveway, he bounces a soccer ball on his knee and makes a basket.

People in his backyard pass around a joint. In space, with rays of multi-colored lights reverberating from his body, he mediates.

As water fills a bathtub, he splashes a woman. In the backyard, he fills everyone’s cups with liquor. He dances in his family room between white and yellow balloons. Another woman joins them in the bathtub.

On his bed, he adjusts the camera and takes pictures of the women as they pose.

He and Travis Scott dance on a darkened stage, decorated with primary color asymmetrical laser lights. At night, Scott raps on top of a police car as he stands by the hood. He swims in the ocean with the women.

Underneath the hazy crimson light, he does shots with his female friends at the strip club. They sit at a table, near the stage, throwing money at the dancers. Everyone piles on the pillows and waits for their photo to be taken.

He films himself on his phone while visiting the CN Tower. In his family room, he dances with a woman as other people pull at the strings of the balloons. On the lounge chair, he smiles at a woman and goes over to talk to her. He takes a picture of a woman sleeping in his bed.

Rating: 2/5

The surprise birthday party was a blast. A few of Miguel’s female friends planned it out. Some had taken him to the beach in the afternoon to surf and swim. Meanwhile, the others had made an excuse not to come. However, they stayed behind and decorated his house with balloons.

Miguel takes his camera at the beach. He hopes to get some great photos to submit to magazines. His female friends say a publication will accept his pictures. The men side-eye him as they walk by. Miguel shrugs it off.

Women gravitate towards Miguel. He’s a fun-loving guy who treats them with respect. Every so often, a female friend will confront him and say he’s ignoring her. However, his other friends usually handle it by saying the person needs to back off.

The strip club wasn’t his idea. He would’ve been happy in his backyard, drinking and smoking. However, his female friends said it was on the agenda and gave him a set of $1 bills. He got so drunk, though. But he had to behave. In the afternoon, he had finally started something with a young woman. Neither know what it is yet. However, he wants to be good for her.

Director: Director X  Year: 2017

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