Video Review: LeAnn Rimes “Can’t Fight The Moonlight”

A man in his motorcycle drives up to the packed parking lot of Coyote Ugly. The owner, Lil (Maria Bello), introduces LeAnn Rimes to the crowd. Violet (Piper Perabo) grins and her boyfriend, Kevin (Adam Garcia) watches in awe. As people cheer, she begins to perform on top of the counter.

From the film, Coyote Ugly, Violet looks down as Kevin stares at her as he talks to his friend. Kevin follows Violet as she walks home. Lil, Cammie (Izabello Miko), Rachel (Bridget Moynahan), Violet and Zoe (Tyra Banks) twirl liquor bottles behind the counter. They perform a routine on the counter.

Kevin and Violet sit on the hood of his car and watch the stars. Kevin surprises Violet with a kiss at her apartment. Violet takes off her jacket and Kevin’s shirt inside an apartment.

Cammie dances on top of the counter while Rimes sings.

From the film, Kevin gives Violet a kiss as she writes a song on her keyboard. Kevin calls Violet from a payphone. Kevin and Violet argue in the Coyote Ugly parking lot. Violet performs at an open mic night and points to Kevin. Kevin and Violet kiss as Rimes sings.

The crowd claps for Rimes.

Rating: 3/5

In her Insta Story, Violet preps for the Grammys. Her husband, Kevin sneaks in a kiss and dances to one of her nominated songs. She puts her brush down on the vanity and laughs. They’ve been together for almost twenty years now and he’s still the same, goofy guy she met at a New York club back in 2000.

She points to Kevin and says she owes all her success to him. “He believed in me when I didn’t think I could do it.” When they first met, he was working several jobs and she was a bartender at Coyote Ugly. She moved to New York, hoping to make it as a songwriter. After working all night, she wrote songs in the afternoon. However, she gave up. Her dream was only going to be a hobby. She resigned herself to be a bartender. Her father had heart attack and needed her back home in New Jersey. Neither Kevin or her father liked her working at Coyote Ugly. Kevin thought it was her holding her back and she couldn’t stomach her father’s disappointment.

Her father encouraged her to return to New York and apologized. He wanted his daughter to try. She puts her phone down and wipes a tear away from her eye. Her father would be proud. He passed away in 2003. On the night of her first Grammy win in 2003, she thanked her father for supporting her.

Kevin straightens his tie and tells her their driver will be there in an hour. Her daughter runs towards her and hugs her. “You’re so pretty, Mommy.” She gives her daughter a kiss. Her daughter tells her good luck and sits near her chair, playing with a doll. She gazes up at Kevin who beams as he talks to her stepmother on the phone.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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