Video Review: Migos & Drake “Walk It Talk It”

In a 1977 episode of Culture Ride, Ron Delirious (Jamie Foxx) thanks the studio audience and introduces himself. The two women beside clap as he proclaims himself as “the hostess with the mostess.” He introduces Migos and points to them.

Wearing polyester suits and bell bottoms, Migos peform on stage. Quavo blows a kiss.

A man, wearing roller skates, dances as he passes by a car. A second man, wearing red plaid pants, starts the line dance by sparkling arch. Delirious fluffs a woman’s hair. Drake walks underneath the arch and moves his arms. On stage, he stands in front of Migos.

Midway through the show, Delirious explains that it’s time to play a game. “It’s when we find out where the Culture Ride go.” The man wearing red plaid pants and a woman search the magnetic letters on the black circle. They answer “Dat Way.” Delirious says it’s correct. The man and woman high-five one another.

By the arch, Offset turns from left to right.

Drake stands next to Quavo on stage.

Migos sit in the car with several women and smoke. One woman nuzzles Takeoff’s neck as they sit in the backseat.

Takeoff is next in the line dance. On stage, he waves his hands in front of his eyes.

Backstage, a woman dances on top of a couch. Quavo rubs his chin, showing off his platinum rings.

As the credits roll, Migos and Drake make a toast backstage.

Rating: 5/5

Soul Train, according to, ran from 1971 to 2006. The show began in 1970 in Chicago, Illionis with original host Don Cornelius on a local station and went national the following year. The show broke Jody Watley, Shalamar and Jermaine Stewart in the 80s, turning them into pop stars.

Soul Train is reimagined as Culture Ride with new host, Ron Delirious. Delirious mouths the words as Migos and Drake perform on stage. Delirious, aware of his influence, tries to get as many currents acts on the show as possible. He has seen R&B artists get marginalized and realizes an appearance on the show may be the only chance for the performers.

However, despite its success, Culture Ride is cancelled after two seasons and becomes a cult favorite. The show’s performers become targets for harassment. Delirious is called out on social media by some politicians for “grandstanding and setting up an agenda.” The network caves into pressure and reprimands Delirious. They later fire him after a single tweet.

Directors: Daps & Quavo Year: 2018

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