Video Review: Sugababes “Too Lost In You”

Keisha, Mutya and Heidi walk by the window in their boots of London Stansted Airport, bundled up in their jackets. Keisha stares ahead. Mutya glances out the window. Heidi carries a briefcase.

They sing against a white background.

A young man turns around at the waiting area and stares at Keisha.

Keisha imagines handcuffing him, his arms against the chair as she runs her hand across his chest and shoulders in a dark room.

A second young man checks out Mutya.

In a room lit by candlelight, Mutya lets the tip of the sword crease the young man’s skin.

A businessman eyes Heidi.

In bed, Heidi touches his chest. Keisha sits on the man’s lap. Mutya slashes some of her young man’s clothes. Heidi dumps ice on the businessman’s chest. She feeds him some ice and rubs it over his body.

The first young man breaks free of the handcuffs.

Keisha, Mutya and Heidi continue to walk in the airport.

Rating: 1/5

Mutya dropped out of college. Heidi works in an office in between classes at college. With her gap year over, Keisha has been applying to colleges and interviewing for jobs. Neither know what to do with their lives. Mutya suggested walking inside the London Stansted Airport to clear their heads.

Keisha doesn’t want to know where people are going. She’s stuck back in the United Kingdom again. Her stay in France was supposed to be for at least five years. However, she drained her savings as she struggled in her low-paying job. She didn’t want to be tied down to a 9 to 5. It was soulless to her. However, she doesn’t have any choice now.

Every paper, Mutya received a C or lower. In high school, she passed without much studying. Her professors have met with her and asked if she considered dropping the class. After the third conference, she packed up her things and drove back home. She loved school at one time. Maybe she needs to take some time off.

Heidi, though, is doing well. At her job, she has a met a handsome young man. They’ve been dating for a while. However, he’s married. She’s tried to broach the subject of going out together. But he’s told her no. A co-worker or someone could catch them. To him, she’s a secret. She wants to leave but it would mean quitting her job, too.

The women all see men they would like to control for an hour or two. They’d be the ones making decisions, stating how far it would go. Heidi sees the businessman as a way to turn the tables. The athletic young man is Mutya’s support system and helping get her confidence back. Keisha finds a well-traveled man who knows the ins and outs of every country.

At the counter, Mutya buys a ticket. Heidi and Keisha get out their credit cards. They’d rather be somewhere else than here.

Director: Andy Morahan Year: 2003

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