Video Review: Karmin “Hello”

Pink clouds swirl in the Los Angeles sky. The stem of a flower emerges from the mud. People cross the street in the Chinatown district in Los Angeles, California. Flowers bloom.

Lanterns hang over the street. Amy, wearing a crop top and denim shorts, walks in the center of the square while people hold their umbrellas on their shoulders. A man looks at a game setup outside a store. A butterfly breaks through its cocoon. A plane lands in Los Angeles. People shop at the markets.

Nick stands in front of his bathroom mirror and picks up the scissors. He cuts off some of his hair.

Amy rides her bicycle.

The lights at the East Gate at Chinatown Central turn on as day becomes night. Amy walks on a balcony.

Nick shaves his head.

Amy smiles as she passes a senior citizen couple dancing on the sidewalk. A group of friends toast one another at a restaurant.

Nick feels the stubs of hair on his head and leaves his apartment.

She leans against the window of K.G. Louie. In the street, she and Nick hug.

Nick drives his convertible to Chinatown. She raises her hand and he picks her up at the corner. She rubs his head and they drive off.

Rating: 2/5

There is always something to do in Chinatown. However, Amy only utilizes their bicycles. She passes by art galleries without pausing to glance. She dances on the balcony and turns her back on the view. Nick is only there to pick her up.

Despite riding all day, she avoids the food at the Golden Eatery, opting to go to some trendy restaurant with Nick closer to Hollywood. She skips the Buddha with a flower sculpture, although she claims a zen life on social media. However, there is no one to notice she’s there. She calls Nick and says the district is overrated. Tomorrow, the Summer Nights series starts and she rolls her eyes.

Although the lights illuminate the district, it hides the sculptures and temples. A single store is featured. However, it’s an area which requires looking past the pretty lanterns and catchy neon lights. She lacks the curiosity to peek into a museum or view some street art.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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