Video Review: JoJo & Bow Wow “Baby, It’s You”

JoJo and her friends walk into Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California. People ride the roller coaster, Scream! and Collossus. She waves hi to some classmates.

They walk in the Center Ring by the games. Some guys check them out. JoJo sits on a turtle water gun race game. A man throws a ring onto a bottle and wins a giant stuffed animal for his girlfriend. She buys some cotton candy for her best friend’s little sister.

JoJo and her friends each take a place at the water gun race booth. She sprays the male employee with water. She bursts out laughing and they run off. The male employee throws a stuffed animal at them.

JoJo and her friends ride the carousel.

A man gives JoJo a ball. She hits the target and the man falls in the water tank.

JoJo and some guys dance by a roller coaster.

A guy hands JoJo a basketball at the Shoot The Hoops game. She makes the basket and he gives her a giant stuffed animal. She blows a kiss.

Rating: 4/5

JoJo’s best friend woke her up as they arrived at Six Flags. She pointed to the window and JoJo watched as the roller coasters loop and twist on the metal or wood. JoJo said she wanted to ride Scream! first. Her best friend said their next ride had to be Goliath.

The bus parked in the lot. The teachers reminded them to meet with the chaperones in the afternoon and to be safe. Her math teacher told everyone to have fun.

She and her friends had been looking forward to the eighth grade class trip since freshmen orientation at the high school. In a few months, everything will change. One of her friends will be a junior varsity cheerleader in the fall. JoJo auditioned for select choir and was the only incoming freshman chosen. Another friend will be working at the radio station.

After riding the roller coasters, she and her friends spend the rest of the day playing games at the Center Ring and shopping. Her best friend buys a Six Flags hoodie. JoJo hugs her giant stuffed animal to her chest and holds onto her friend’s arm as they walk. At the carousel, she picks out the unicorn and they ride it several times.

It was a great day with her friends. With her friends going in different directions, she worries she won’t be as close with them anymore. She can’t wait to attend the sports games to support her best friend. However, her friend has been texting some teammates while at the park. She asks her best friend if she wants to sleep over on Saturday. But her friend says she can’t. One of the juniors on the cheerleading team invited her to a party. Her best friend suggests a day next week. JoJo says she has choir practice.

On the bus ride home, JoJo looks out the window, wishing it could be summer forever.

Director: Erik White Year: 2004

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