Video Review: Chris Brown “Tempo”

On Tempo Street in the suburbs, an eight-year-old rides his hoverboard as he tosses clear plastic disks, which show the first page of the newspaper. Hearing a roaring noise, he jumps off his hoverboard and runs away.

Brown, standing on top of a makeshift tank, views the neighborhood. A young man dressed as the Joker waves his hat. He joins an eight-year-old girl and a second young man as they dance on the street.

Gathered at the engine, Brown points to a house and directs the group as to which houses to target first. They separate.

Brown, the Joker, a pale-faced baseball player and a Frankenstein walk into a house. The fiftysomething man shifts in his recliner. His wife puts her hand to her mouth while they dance in front of them.

At the next house, he tells the young woman to head upstairs. In the bedroom, the fortysomething woman holds her sheet to her chest. He leaps onto the bed and watches the two women in his group dance. The fortysomething woman screams. He joins in the routine with the two women.

Downstairs, the Joker pours a carton of milk into a beverage dispenser. The pale-faced baseball player twirls his bat at the fireplace.

The eight-year-old boy hides behind a bush. The eight-year-old girl sees him and smiles.

At the third house. the two women spot some jewelry on display and steal it. Brown opens the door. The alarm goes off. A few members of his group jump over the lasers.

They run out of the houses and dance in the road again.

Three men break through the safe and run out of the house with brown paper bags full of money.

As they drive off, the eight-year-old boy takes off his jacket and runs towards them. They give him a jacket and help him up.

Rating: 2.5/5

Six months ago, Chris Brown’s neighborhood in the city was overrun by zombies. He, along with some of his neighbors, were able to decapitate them. They were able to save an eight-year-old little girl. However, she was orphaned by the attack. Brown introduced himself to his neighbors. For almost a decade, he lived a floors above them and didn’t eve know their names. They vowed to protect themselves.

However, in the working class neighborhoods, people were stockpiling food and weapons necessary to fight. Certain pockets of the neighborhoods had been infested. Those still alive were scouring abandoned homes for shelter. They drove through and didn’t make eye contact.

They had learned to cope with the death around them by dressing up and becoming different people. A young businessman had painted face his green and considered himself Frankenstein. Another man wore his baseball player uniform. It was the only thing he had left.

In the upper middle-class suburbs, though, the residents believed it was under control and the zombies wouldn’t reach them. They were targets, though, for Brown. In their homes were jewelry and cash. It could be bartered for food and shelter. Objects were becoming currency and they had to collect as much as they could to stay two steps ahead. It was a successful mission.

Director: Chris Brown Year: 2018

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