Video Review: Rick Astley “Together Forever”

Wearing a suit and tie, Rick Astley shufflesh his feet against streaked pastels of lavender and blue  in the background. It rotates with streaked pastels of teal and yellow.

At his apartment building, a young man says goodbye to his girlfriend. Astley bumps into her, knocking over her books. They stare into one another’s eyes. She says thank you and leaves. He watches her walk away.

Against the rotating pastel backgrounds, several young men and woman dance together. In their solo moments, one young woman with a crimped ponytail smiles while a young man rolls his arms.

Astley reads the back of her headshot. After taking a shower, she runs her hand over her wet hair. He calls her on the phone. She touches her cheek and hears the phone ring. Sitting on her bed, she answers.

Astley dances with three women.

The woman brushes some strands of hair as she continues to talk to Astley. She looks a pile of headshots in her lap. She sniffs a rose.

On stage, the three women put their hands on him. Two give him a kiss on the cheeks.

She looks over her date book and marks the 14th at 7:30 pm. They hang up.

Astley continues to dance against the streaked pastel background.

Rating: 2/5

Rick Astley had seen the young woman visit the man in the apartment a couple doors down. He figured they were together. Wearing a red beret, a black t-shirt and pants, he believed she was an artist. He wondered if he had seen her photographs or paintings in local galleries.

He wasn’t looking as he got off elevator and bumped into her. She apologized but he said it was his fault. He was in his own world. As he helped her pick up her things, he noticed some photographs and kept one. She was an aspiring model.

On the back of her headshot was her phone number. He decided to call her and let her know she had left one of her portfolios behind. He asked her if she had done any modeling and she said only for local stores. She was working with his neighbor to find the perfect headshot. However, she wasn’t satsfied with any yet. He said he would hire her. She laughed.

They talked for about an hour. She mentioned it was getting late and she had to get up for work early tomorrow. He asked her out on Friday and she said yes.

It was a short romance. They dated for about six months. He attended some art gallery openings with her and she met his parents. However, she seemed torn between her neighbor and him. It was an amicable breakup. While walking down the street, he sees her photo advertising some perfume and grins. He knew her when.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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