Video Review: Faith Hill “The Way You Love Me”

On a sliding screen, a nurse snaps her fingers and a dominatrix leans against an ivory knit wall. As a mother, she sits in a chair, with disheveled hair and as a pop star, she waves her arms against a narrow wall of peach bulbs. Moving to the top, it returns to her as a mother and then slides back to the right as she becomes a teacher, holding an apple as she sits on her desk and a server at a restaurant.

Moving back to the top, she’s an heiress, rubbing her puppy’s nose with hers. Sliding back to the right, it returns to back to her as a mother and pop star.

It pauses at her standing behind the counter at the restaurant. She taps her fingers on the counter and brushes some hair away from her face. As a pop star, she reaches out with her hands. She pets her puppy’s neck while she sits on the couch. She waits in the car for her children at school.

It rotates back to the right, featuring her in the various occupations, moves to the top and slides to the right, pausing her while she sits in the chair at the kitchen table. It switches back to the other roles.

Against the ivory knit wall, she’s a police officer, tucking her baton in her belt. Her dominatrix self, wearing a catsuit, stares down herself as a police officer. It rotates to the right again. She stands in the examination room, waiting for the doctor. A final rotation, pausing her as a smiling mother.

Rating: 0/5

The female driven occupations chosen for Faith Hill seem to emphasize that a woman’s place is at a home. An occupation is a fetish. Those involving intellect (nurse and police officer) are Halloween costumes designed to entertain. A woman shouldn’t pay any mind to developing leadership abilities.

Faith Hill is able to salvage some of the roles. She’s a tired mother in her pajamas who wears little makeup. She sits in the kitchen, enjoying her quiet time before picking up her children from school. There’s usually a mess to clean up once she comes home. They forget to put their cereal bowls in the sink and she trips over a toy in every room. However, she loves being a mother.

As a server in the restaurant, she handles the long hours with a smile. The tips and her paycheck allow her money to buy some clothes. She works a couple of days a week and is home by the time her husband comes home from work. Her job gets out the house for a little while and she gets to talk to people.

She’s a pop star experiencing her peak. It’s her dream to reach millions of fans outside her original genre. In the summer, she’ll headline her own tour and chose her opening act. She attends award shows her with her superstar husband and thanks him in her speeches.

However, as a nurse, she rolls her eyes as the patient complain of pain. So many exaggerate. Her patients press the button for help and she ignores it to continue her conversation with a co-worker. She smiles as a doctor passes by. He and his wife’s marriage has been rocky over the past year. If she can date him, she’ll be set for life.

She chats in the lounge with one of her co-workers, complaining about the history teacher next to her. The history teacher walks in and Hill asks her where she’s been. She has to remind herself to let the principal the history teacher isn’t where she’s supposed to be.

As a heiress, she is stuck in her late teens even though she is in her mid-30s. She really has no icentive to work. Her parents sent her money as they traveled around the world while she went to private school. However, education was useless to her. She already is wealthy. She spends her days shopping and attending parties, hoping to find a cute boy.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2000

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