Video Review: Zayn “It’s You”

A young woman (Nicola Peltz) stands at the edge of the pool, looking inside. Zayn walks up to the window and watches as she takes off her cover-up. She steps into the water and turns towards him.

A second young woman, wearing sunglasses, smokes by the pool. A third woman holds her drink while stands on the patio.

She walks down the hallway and into the family room. She stands at the fireplace. He lights up a cigarette in his study and sits at the piano bench. He throws some sheet music at the wall.

At a party, he watches as she sits on the couch with a young man. She leans in as he whispers in her ear. The young man’s lips touch her hair and he turns his back. He leaves his friend in mid-conversation. A fourth young woman, holding her champagne glass, watches him walk out.

In the driveway, she walks to her car. He watches her from the window. She sees him staring at her and then drives off.

Rating: 3.5/5

The silences between Zayn and his girlfriend have become thunderous rain storms with strikes of lightning. In one of their final afternoons together, she waited at the pool. She wants him to know she exists. She has the power to hurt to him and end it whenever she wants. With his eyes, he asks her the questions he can’t say: “what have I done wrong? Why don’t you love me? Why did you change?”

None of the words he writes articulate his pain. He wants to scream or punch the wall. He wants her to react. The indifference damages him with every passing glance. He pauses at the piano to listen to the clacking of her heels on the floor. He turns to see her walk straight into the family room.

The coldness throughout the house chills her and she stands by the fireplace for some warmth. He taps the piano keys, testing it and sings a few words. She could suggest a lyric to the refrain. However, she doubts he would actually use it. He measures her success with a narrow ruler and moves it several inches once she accomplishes on her own.

At the party, she let a young man flirt with her. He wanted to take her home. She avoided Zayn’s gaze while she answered yes. As he left, a part of her felt free. He was finally letting go.

The next day, she came over, still in her gown from the night before and picked up some of her things. She really loved him. However, she would be an obstacle to him. She would be in the background of his music and other women. She can longer pretend.

Director: Ryan Hope Year: 2016

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