Video Review: Steps “Tragedy”

The alarm clock bounces around on Lee’s nightstand. Lee notices the time and wakes up Ian in the next room.

At the church, the maid of honor zips up Faye’s dress and helps her with her garter. Someone helps Claire with her makeup. Ian pulls up his pants and races to get something to eat. Ian and Lee get into the convertible. Lee holds a map and directs Ian where to go. Lisa smiles as her mother puts the tiara on her head.

On a sidewalk, Faye walks arm-in-arm with her father. In the church, family and friends turn around to watch her walk down the aisle. As the ceremony begins, Lee and Ian call out to her. She runs off with them.

Lisa talks in the car with her father as they drive to the church. Lee and Ian creep behind the bushes and tie up Lisa’s fiance in the chair. Lisa walks down the aisle with her father. She sees Lee and gives him a hug. They walk away together.

The groomsmen wait outside at Claire’s wedding. Claire’s mother wipes her eyes with some tissue as her daughter walks down the aisle. Ian yells as he rides a scooter down the aisle. Lee picks her up and puts her over his shoulder.

The priest stops his sermon to watch Faye, Lisa, Ian, Lee and Claire sing near the entrance of the church. The rejected groom sit together.

At the reception, the cake and drawing turn to gray. The DJ switches records and the families of Lisa, Faye and Claire clap. Lisa, Faye, Claire, Lee and Ian perform a routine in the middle of the dance floor. They group hug after their dance. The rejected grooms sit in the dark.

Rating: 2.5/5

Claire had been dating a staunch businessman for years. He was an admitted workaholic. While out with Faye, Lee, Ian and Lisa, she showed off her engagement ring. They complimented her on it and asked her about the wedding. However, they worried about their best friend. He was out of town a majority of time and often bought Claire jewelry once he returned home. On the way home, Lisa and Ian believed he cheated on her and the ring out of guilt.

Six months later, Lisa got engaged to her boyfriend. Claire, Faye, Lee and Ian all hated him. He talked down to them whenever they hung out. Conversations with him ended up being one-sided as he continued to talk about himself. He was an aspiring teacher. Claire joked to Faye that he believed a former student would write a book about his inspiring teachings and had already someone planned out to play him in the future award-winning film.

Faye met a young man and got engaged within a week of knowing him. Ian and Lee outright told her she was making a mistake. Faye shook her head and said they needed lives of her their own. She hadn’t ever felt this way before and nothing was going to stop her.

Ian and Lee had decided to stop the weddings. They weren’t going to let their friends ruin their lives. In their early 20s, they still had plenty of time to meet other people and fall in love. Claire often talked about visiting other countries. Faye’s dream changed by the week. Lisa had recently graduated college and was considering moving. None of those dreams, they noted, included their future husbands.

Lisa was relieved to see Lee and Ian. Claire told them to stop and to her down. Faye  shrugged and went with Lee. At the reception, they thanked Lee and Ian for intervening. Claire mentioned she found the credit card bill and local hotels were on it. Lisa had found a job in France but was ready to turn it down due to her husband wanting to stay in the United Kingdom. Faye was irritated by her boyfriend misspelling weird all the time. They partied at the banquet hall Faye had rented and enjoyed the cake and music all night.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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