Video Review: Toni Braxton “Long As I Live”

At night, in the pouring rain, a luxury car parks in the middle of the road. Toni Braxton opens the passenger side door and then her umbrella. Wearing white boots, long white fur coat and an embellished bodysuit, she turns her head away once she spots her ex-boyfriend.

The headlights of the car shine her as she stands in front of it, holding her umbrella.

Wearing a black sequined bodysuit, she dances in front of a projector in a darkened room. In the studio, she walks up to the mirror and looks into it. She dances towards the chair and sits down. Her ex-boyfriend, shirtless, sits opposite of her and puts his head down. Towanda, Tamar and several dancers enter the studio. They sit or stand beside her.

The two dancers and Toni begin a routine. Tamar, Toni and Towanda dance with three men.

Wearing a lacy, black bodysuit, she walks on the basement floor, near the boiler room. His back to her, he sees her from the corner of his eye. She leans against the cold wall and closes her eyes. He reaches his hand out to her but she pulls away.

In front of the car, she closes her umbrella and lets the rain fall on her. She crawls on the floor in the darkened room.

Rating: 2/5

The vibration of the phone hits Toni Braxton mid-way through rehearsal. She asks for a break and checks it. There’s a voicemail. It’s her ex-boyfriend asking to talk. She puts her phone back in her pocket and drinks some water.

Towanda raises her eyebrows, “The ex again?” She nods as she puts the bottle down on the floor. Tamar snatches her phone out of her pocket and tells her not to do it. She demands it back but Tamar refuses. “You will call him and it’s going to start the mess all over again. You don’t need him.” She narrows her eyes at Tamar and then announces that break is over.

She thinks of his message while she continues to rehearse, debating if she should call him back. Maybe he’s actually sorry. After rehearsal, Tamar gives her phone back and hugs her. She adds that she’ll support her no matter what she does but to think of herself first.

At home, she leans against the kitchen counter, listening to the voicemail. However, as she enters his phone number, a pit forms in her stomach. Tamar’s right. She puts her phone facedown on the counter and makes herself a snack. He’s not her problem anymore.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2018

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