Video Review: Cascada “What Do You Want From Me”

Natalie Horler runs her hand along the railing while she sits with her friends at the beach house. They talk and listen to music as they people watch.

A young man checks out Horler as he gets out of his van. Her friend tells her the guys are really cute. She tips her sunglasses down to her nose while she watches him unload the van. He holds his surfboard and continues to stare at her. He and his friend kick a soccer ball around. His friend knocks him over the head to get his attention. Horler laughs.

On the beach, her and her friends sit on a blanket and drink. They spot the young man. She shields her eyes from the sun while he runs to her. A heavyset man in a thong bumps into him. She and her friends laugh. The heavyset man apologizes to the young man and runs in the other direction.

Horler walks by the shore alone. A second young man, on his surfboard, swims towards the waves.

At the bar, she hangs out with her friends at a table. The DJ plays the music and the servers manuever through the dancefloor, carrying drinks on their trays. She sees him greet one of his friends and sit down at a table. A woman drops her drink on him. She sets her drink on the table and walks to his chair. She takes his keys out of his pocket of his jacket.

At the van, he reaches into his jeans for his keys and leans against the van. She jingles his keys and gives them back to him. He  hugs her and then puts his arm around her. They walk together.

Rating: 3.5/5

Natalie Horler broke every rule she and her friends made regarding vacation romances. After finally meeting, she spent the night with him and moved into his room. Her friends texted her, asking her when she was coming back. She apologized but told them she loved him. She extended her stay and cancelled her plane ticket.

For a month, they stayed at the resort. He taught her how to surf. They fell asleep, drinks in hand, watching the sunset on the beach. They made love all day and only took breaks to eat. He was from the United States and visiting a friend who moved to the United Kingdom after high school. He was going to college in Pennsylvania and studying politics. His next trip was to Washington D.C. for an internship. They kissed and held each other for an hour in the lobby. She wasn’t ready to let him go yet.

She watches as the snow falls outside her dorm window and checks her phone. He was still in her contact list. She debated texting him Merry Christmas. She sighs and shuts her phone. She thinks about him every day. They talked for a few weeks after he left. She found him on social media and wondered if she should send him a friend request. On his profile, she saw pictures from the resort and smiles.

Director: N/A Year: 2008

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