Video Review: Beyoncé & Jay-Z “Crazy In Love”

Jay-Z speeds down the road in Los Angeles, California. Wearing a tank top, denim shorts and red high heels, she walks in front of his car at the Fourth Street bridge. She walks up the steps towards a building and begins to dance. She leans against the wire gate.

On the roof of a building, she dances on a platform while silver discs of light rotate their flashes. The camera hovers overhead and zooms in on her.

She tips her hat while she walks on the street with her friends. They lean against the wall. She leaves alone and turns, blowing a bubble.

Lit in a shimmering indigo, she sits in the back of the taxi. Jay-Z flicks open the lighter and she turns her head. He drops it on the ground. The line of fire winds towards his car, The car bursts into flames. She walks over to him, wearing a fur coat and a leopard print bodysuit. She taps him on the shoulder with her fur coat.

She kicks the fire hydrant. Lit in chartreuse, she raises her arms and dances as the water drenches her.

She leans against a giant fan and then walks to the center. Wearing an orange Versace minidress, she and her friends dance inside a warehouse.

Rating: 3.5/5

Beyoncé had no reason to dress up. She lived alone and was single. In the summer, she usually chose a tank top and denim shorts. However, she crouched down at the bottom of her closet and searched through her designer shoes for the appropriate high heels. She liked to take a walk in the morning before work.

Jay-Z wasn’t paying attention. He hadn’t expected anyone to be on the road. The brakes squealed as he tried to stop the car in time. Beyoncé stared him down. As she walked away, she grinned to herself. She hoped she made an impression.

While out shopping, she sees a cropped jacket and hip-hugger track pants. Opting for the designer brand, she picks up a few tops and pants. She talks with her friends about the new guy she met. Her best friend crosses her arms and smiles, saying it explains the new interest in fashion.

She runs into Jay-Z at a diner and they plan to meet for dinner on Saturday. It’s their ninth date in a month. She asks her friends to help her pick out some lingerie at some high-end stores. All she has at home are granny panties and plain white bras. She needs something with lace and see-through to satisfy him.

A year into their relationship, she has ripped up her discount store cards. She drives an hour to the upscale shopping mall and spends a month’s salary on some Louis Vuitton, Versace and Coach.


Director: Jake Nava Year: 2003

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