Video Review: Jason Aldean “You Make It Easy (Part 1)”

While a misty rain falls, a young man’s truck stalls at the corner. He puts the key in the ignition about four times. He comments to himself that “maybe they were right about you. It’s time to get rid of you, huh.” He tries one more time, telling the car to “prove ’em wrong!” The engine turns. “Yes! There it is!” he cheers and drives onto the main road. A semi-truck plows into him, flipping him over.

Earlier in the morning, he and his girlfriend lay in bed, staring into one another’s eyes, the sheet over their bodies.

Jason Aldean performs at a golden-lit bar.

She kisses him and he puts the strands of hair behind her ear. She pulls the sheet and lets it fall on the floor. He hits her with a pillow. They kiss again.

In the bathroom, she sits against the bathtub, fighting back tears. He puts his hand on her shoulder. Water splashes on the floor as she climbs into the bathtub with him. They kiss. She splashes him with some bubbles. In bed, she tears open a pillow. He throws feathers at her.

The truck driver runs to the young man’s car. Breathing hard, the young man shouts for the truck driver to “call Grace!”

In bed, he pulls the sheet over them again and tells her “you don’t have to do this.” Rubbing his fingers, she asks “do what? Love you?”

Eyes wide, he looks at the shattered windshield. “Get me out of here!” he screams.

Rating: 3.5/5

Grace. The young man needs to her hear voice. The truck driver says he’s going to call an ambulance for him. He flinches as he turns his head to see if anyone else is coming. There’s not much air. He can’t get out. He tries to move his arms out of his safety belt but it only creases into skin. His voice cracks as he shouts for help. He wishes he had water.

He and his girlfriend had a romantic morning. Neither had to worry about work. They were home on vacation for the next two days. Their plan was to stay in bed for as long as possible. After his bath, he got back in bed with her for a couple of hours. She asked him to stop at a dealership and look at some trucks. His truck had become unreliable. He shrugged it off and told her the truck was in great condition, despite its age. She shook her head and told him to at least consider it.

She deserves better than him. He was impulsive and did what he wanted. Now, he may die because of his reckless attitude. He closes his eyes and prays to God. “Please let me live,” he repeats, “please.” Once he gets out, he plans to buy a ring. For three years, he has been living with her and sidestepped the issue of marriage. She learned not to bring the topic up. However, he wasn’t going to avoid it anymore.

Director: Shaun Silva Year: 2018

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