Video Review: Little Mix “Touch”

In a maze, a young man brushes his lips by Leigh-Anne’s neck as they stand in the aqua and white striped section. Another man turns to hug her. As she bends over, a third man touches her neck. On the other side of the wall, Perrie dances with several men. Perrie and another man seperate from the group. She leans against the corner wall. Jesy and Jade meet up with Perrie and Leigh-Anne. They begin a routine.

Leigh-Anne dances in a kelly green and white striped section of the maze. Jesy spins in the rose and white striped section. Perrie and Jade shake their butts against the aqua and white striped section at seperate times. Leigh-Anne slides down her wall. Jade runs her finger along the wall while a shirtless man follows her, staring at her cleavage. On the other side of the wall, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne stand together.

Jesy crawls on the floor and embraces one of the young man. Jesy sits on a kelly green stool in the kelly green and white striped section. A shirtless man tips his hat in one of the aqua and white striped sections. Leigh-Anne rubs a young man’s back. Perrie closes her eyes and smiles as a young man whispers in her ear.

Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne dance as they walk down the rose and white striped section. They exit the maze and continue their routine against a marigold background. Lightning strikes in the fiery sky.

Rating: 2/5

Jesy Nelson, in a long-sleeved zip-up charcoal bodysuit with cutouts by the thigh, blends the athleisure and lingerie styles together for an iconic pop star costume. She’s been a dancer for most of her life and won her first solo competition at 8 years old. After high school, she auditioned for the basketball’s dance team and made it. In between practices, she traveled to Los Angeles for video shoots. She landed her first one and quit her job on the dance team. After touring with multiple pop stars, they now ask her to choreograph their shows.

Leigh-Anne, in a distressed off-the-shoulder Slayer two-piece with choker, attends the fashion shows when she can and reads up on the latest styles. Then, she modifies them. She prefers to break the antiquated rules. The Slayer dress was once a mini-dress. She slashed it into two pieces, pushing the body-hugging off-the-shoulder sleeves to a loose, free-spirited statement.

Jade, a wearing ASOS mesh bodysuit with an ASOS bikini crop top and bottom, receives stares as works out at her local fitness center. She arrives at the treadmill, bottle in hand and presses the button. After a minute, she posts a selfie on her social media and creates her Insta Story. Her photographer moves to the other side and waits for her cue. She has recently become an influencer online and wants to be a popular brand. Although she hates working out, she received some athleisure wear from a company and needs to promote it for her blog. Her followers comment that they love her outfit and where they can buy it. She leads them to the affliate link.

Perrie, though, wearing a Criminal distressed Damaged hoodie, a White Replicant bodysuit and Fenty Puma over the knee boots, follows all the trends and tries to find some version of it at the discount stores. She was so pleased when she came home with her White Replicant bodysuit. No one in her small town would even think of stepping out in it. Wearing it, she felt as though she stepped off the runway. However, she chose to wear the bodysuit over the hoodie, creating an odd illusion of it being a skin suit. She grinned, ignoring the snickers from the onlookers. She was just as creative as a fashion designer on a low-cost budget.

Directors: Director X & Paris Goebel Year: 2017

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