Video Review: Fantasia “Free Yourself”

As Fantasia drives back to her hometown, she sees the High Point welcome sign. A sign was posted in the city stating she was the 2004 winner of American Idol.

Fantasia sings inside a concert venue in Los Angeles.

Back at home, her boyfriend reads the latest tabloid magazine, detailing their romance. He reads the article and throws it against the window. He pulls her arm as she returns home and she tells him to stop. They argue in the family room. She smacks his hand away and he moves to slap her with his hand.

She gets inside the car. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she asks her driver to take her to a hotel.

At the Carolina, a stylist applies blush on her face as she sits in the dressing room.

The volume turned up on her iPod, she reads a magazine to tune out his rapping on the bedroom door. A framed photograph of her with her boyfriend falls to the floor and breaks. She picks it up and shakes her head.

Her manager looks at his watch as he talks with the owner of the venue. He walks into the dressing room and lets her know she has another hour to get ready.

Wearing a white gown, she and her manager walk backstage. She grabs the microphone and performs on stage.

On the couch, he plays with the basketball on his lap and turns to see her roll her luggage in the family room. He stands in front of her and yells. She blocks him from hitting her and jingles her keys. She places them in his hand and leaves.

The audience claps for her while she fans herself. Her boyfriend stares at her name on the marquee at the Carolina.

Rating: 3.5/5

Fame was reveling the cracks in Fantasia’s relationships. Some of her friends didn’t want to talk her. However, her boyfriend wouldn’t answer her calls after the show. He seemed to call her back in the middle of the night, interrupting her sleep. She explained the time difference to him but he seemed to ignore it. “Too good to talk to me?” He says to her to during a silence. She rubs her eyes and tells him she’s tired. In a few weeks, she’ll be home and things won’t be so hectic anymore.

She walked in the door and he flung a magazine at her, demanding to know how the reporters found out the information about him. It was none of their business. He asks her if she deposited money into their account. He bought some designer clothes at the mall and bought some music equipment. She says yes but tells him he needs to curtail his spending. He shoves her and shouts that he makes the financial decisions, not her.

She leaves to go to the venue and calls her manager. She asks him to not allow her boyfriend inside and that she has to talk to the bank in the morning. He may try to drain her money.

The return home was bittersweet. American Idol changed her life forever. She had to learn which family members and friends she could trust. Her boyfriend was threatened by her success and seemed intent on hanging onto to her, viewing her as an industry connection than a girlfriend. It was time to cut the toxic ties loose and settle in Los Angeles. Her new life was there.


Director: N/A Year: 2005

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