Video Review: Gloria Estefan “Get On Your Feet”

On a stop during the Get On Your Feet tour, Emilio Estefan, Jr. plays on stage. The audience, lit in cornflower blue, dance and sing along. Gloria Estefan claps her hands on stage In the studio, she clicks the director’s clapboard. On stage, lit in cobalt blue, a sheet covers her as she dances. The sheet falls.

In black-and-white, she kisses her husband. Back in color, she practices a bow with the choreographer. Lit in azure, she practices shaking her hips. In black-and-white, a stylist applies blush to her face. Back in color, she laughs with her husband and touches his cheek. In black-and-white, she dances in a high rectangle while the stage remains in color.

In color, she dances by one of the guitarists and smiles. Back in black-and-white, the costume designer fixes her bra off to the stage while she watches the band. In color. she and her two band members jump. Lit in cobalt, she rests her arm by the stage as a band member sits behind her, listening to their manager.

Back in color, she touches a band member’s belt, which has fallen to his knees. She and the drummer spin around. Lit in cobalt, she plays with the strings on the guitar and listens to a band member talk. In color, she opens her jacket, revealing a gold bra. She shakes the jacket off and puts it in front of the camera. In cobalt, she sits by the side of the stage, thinking. Switching between cobalt and color, she shakes her hips on stage. In cobalt, she pumps her arm. In black-and-white, the fans cheer.

Rating: 4/5

There were some rehearsals Gloria Estefan struggled to reach the notes. Her husband, Emilio would call for a break and come over to talk to her. He rubbed her back and said for her to rest for a while. He then returned to the stage and continued to go through the song. He knew her better than anyone and realized she needed to be by herself for an hour.

She returned an hour later and worked with the choreographer. Gloria asked a couple of questions about the recent changes. In the meeting, she sat next to her husband and put her head on his shoulder while their manager mentioned their good work. Gloria expressed some concern about her voice. However, he told her it was up to her. If she believes she is able to sing, they’ll continue with the show. Otherwise, let him know and they’ll postpone.

On stage, though, with the encouraging smiles from her Emilio and her band, she hits every note. After the first set, she laughs and thanks them for their support. Her husband and band are her support system. They view her success as their own. She’s fortunate to have them in her life. During the second set, she teases her guitarist and dances with her drummer. She gives her husband a loving look. They are her family and she would do anything for them. Without them, she would be nothing.

Director: Jim Yukich Year: 1989

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