Video Review: Hayley Kiyoko “Curious”

Alli asks her Lyft driver to give her a couple of seconds. “Are you fricking serious?” her boyfriend says as he watches her apply some blush on her face. “Seriously,” he adds, “you could’ve done that 20 minutes ago.” He gets out of the car while she continues to read a series of text messages from Hayley Kiyoko. “Come on, you’re beautiful.” he comments and she puts her phone away. She thanks their driver and walks arm-in-arm with her boyfriend to their friend’s house.

Her boyfriend shakes his friend’s hand and they leave. Alli searches the family room for Kiyoko.

Kiyoko lies on the kitchen floor, her blouse open. Two women sit beside, rubbing her chest and neck.

Alli talks to some friends on the sofa. A group of people play cards on the carpet while a young man changes the record on the turntable.

Kiyoko and several men dance in the hallway.

Alli turns her head mid-conversation and notices Kiyoko hug a friend. Alli gets up and says hello to Kiyoko. Kiyoko watches as Alli sits with her boyfriend by the kitchen. Alli grabs Kiyoko’s hand as she walks past.

In the family room, she and the men continue to dance while people talk and drink their beer.

Alli walks intoto the game room, where people are playing pool. She watches as Kiyoko talks to another woman. The young woman places her hands on Kiyoko’s hips and she races to them. Alli bumps into her and leads her to the bathroom.

Once Kiyoko shuts the door, Alli slides the lipstick and other objects off the counter. She holds onto Kiyoko, thinking of her when they first got together a few years ago. Kiyoko kisses her and feels her body. Pressing her against the mirror, Kiyoko asks her if she’s serious and leaves. Alli slumps back and fixes the strap of her top.

Rating: 5/5

Hayley Kiyoko wasn’t going to let Alli’s text messages rattle her. For a couple of weeks, Alli has written that she missed her and was thinking of her. She invited her to her party but kept her expectations low. Alli was still with her boyfriend.

She and Alli had slept together once a year ago. While in bed, Alli had told her as a teenager, she harbored a crush on Sophia Bush and tried to play it off as wanting to be her with her friends. She had dreamed with being several of her female classmates, wanting to kiss them while she linked arms with her steady and sexless boyfriend. Even now, she added, she dated the athletic guys, hoping to cover up her true feelings. She feared her parents disowning her. They were conservative and believed homosexuality was a choice. Kiyoko held her hand and said she’d help her.

In the year, nothing has much changed between them. Every so often, Alli will text her, wanting to hook up. Kiyoko understands Alli’s confusion. However, she can’t allow Alli to lead her on anymore, either. Kiyoko decided she wasn’t going to wait and if she found someone who wanted to love her fully, she was going to let it happen.

Alli, though, got territorial while she was talking with a young woman. In the bathroom, Kiyoko gave her some of what she wanted and then called her out on her wishy-washy behavior. Alli isn’t going to take the risk and prefers the safety of her boyfriend. However, as she walks away, perhaps she needs to stop answering her texts. Alli may be forced to deal with her sexuality once she no longer has her to fall back on.

Directors: Hayley Kiyoko & James Larese Year: 2018

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