Video Review: When In Rome “The Promise”

With the camera sliding left of the screen, a young woman lies on the bed and Michael plays the keyboard. She crosses her legs as she rests on the bed Clive sings against a white background. He sits on the piano in the music room while Michael plays. She walks down the stairs and leaves. Clive walks in the backyard. Michael and Andrew talk by the trellis near the garden. Clive looks out the window.

Clive, hands in his pockets, stands by the wall and sings with Andrew while Michael continues to play. Clive sits in the chair, his hand on his temple as Andrew turns around and places his hand on a dresser.

The camera moves to the bottom and pauses on Clive while he reads a book in the chair. It turns left as the young woman sits on the couch in the family room. Clive plays fetch with his dog in the backyard. Clive, Andrew and Michael sit at the kitchen table. The young woman opens the doors to the patio.

Clive and Andrew sing together against the white background. Clive sits with his dog on a tree branch. Clive, carrying his jacket, walks back inside the house. The young woman looks out the window. She puts on a jacket and then walks out the house.

Clive and Andrew continue to sing against the white background. Clive slumps down on the wall and looks outside. Clive puts both hands on the arch, looking for the young woman. He sleeps, shirtless, in bed.

Rating: 2.5/5

She left without a word. Clive came home from work, called out “hey, babe!” as he took off his jacket. He turned his head, thinking he missed her response. He searched her by the arch and then in the backyard. She wasn’t anywhere. He cried by the patio. His dog ran up to him and licked his face. He ruffled his dog’s head and asked him if he wanted to play.

Andrew called him and asked him how he was. Clive’s voice cracked and he wanted to know what was wrong. Andrew said he and Michael are going to come over for a while. A few hours later, Clive talked with Andrew and Michael at the kitchen table. Clive stares off into space and says he doesn’t want to eat. He begins to jotting down lyrics in his notebook and says he has a song.

All night, they work on the song. In the early morning, he thanks them from coming over and falls asleep. He hopes she’ll hear the song on the radio and know he’s still thinking of her. He screwed up but without her communicating, he can’t fix it. He thinks of sending it in the mail to her instead. She’s the one who needs to hear it the most.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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