Video Review: Bananarama “Hot Line To Heaven”

At the front desk of a Hot Line Records, Sara slips the band’s demo into a cassette player. She tosses the case to Keren, who whips her hair as she answers the phone. Siobhan dusts a plant.

The clock changes to 9:00 a.m. and the executive walks through the door. Siobhan, Sara and Keren begin to sing. The executive brushes past them and they follow him into his office. Keren pulls at his tie and Sioban plays with his tie while they sit on his desk. He orders them to get out. They leave.

He opens his cigar box and sees them as miniature angels. He turns on the security camera and sees them talking to one another at the front desk. They hear the camera zoom and they begin to wave their arms and climb on top of the desk. He calls security and they answer the phone each time, singing.

Using a remote, he prepares to watch a video in his office. On the couch, he sees Siobhan, Sara and Keren as angels, flying as silver confetti falls against a sky blue background. He turns to his head and sees them dancing outside his office. Closing the screen, he walks towards them but they stick their tongues out at him. They leave the record company.

Inside his office, he puts his fingers on his temples while Siobhan, Sara and Keren, dressed as angels, stand by him. He gets out the contract. Legs crossed and dressed in white, he floats over the high-rise building.

The next morning, he walks into work. As he rides the elevator, Keren plays with his airplane, Sara sits in his chair, reading documents and Siobhan pretends to smoke one of his cigars. At 9:00 a.m., he walks in and they sit up straight. Sara tosses the paper and Keren puts down the airplane. Siobhan places the cigar in the case and closes it. Halos form over their heads.

Rating: 4/5

A high-powered executive, he was responsible for discovering the major acts of the decade. Cocaine ran through his veins. There was a vial stashed in his desk drawer. Bottles of whiskey were hidden in another file cabinet. The drugs made him feel as though he were immortal. Nothing was going to happen to him.

He did a line while at work after reading about a new group, Bananarama. It was yet another pop group and he ignored it. He heard hundreds of demos and there’s was no different. They were hungry for fame and usually kicked those types out of his office. His eyes bulged out as he saw them as angels in his cigar box and listened to them while they assured him he was a good person. As his heart raced, they told him he was okay and going to live.

The next morning, he arrived to work, sober and prepared for his meeting with Bananarama. He offered him a record deal on the spot. He couldn’t afford to reject another group. At least five groups went to other labels and became successes. His boss has threatened him to fire him if he doesn’t find any talent soon. After the meeting with Bananarama, he throws his vial in the trash and empties his whiskey bottles in the sink.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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