Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Stop Me From Falling (Version 1)”

Wearing a white peasant dress, Kylie Minogue walks into the venue and right up to the subtle magenta lit stage. On stage, a giant red heart is erected with a K in the middle. She rests her shoulder close to her microphone, the heart shining an aqua blue.

Waiting outside, a ten-year-old girl makes a heart sign with her hands. A twentysomething young woman waves while her friend holds an umbrella. A steady rain pours while fans stand in line.

During rehearsal, she sings while her band stands in a circle and claps.

In jeans and a studded t-shirt, she performs on stage. She walks on the balcony upstairs and slides her hand across the railing. A disco ball, lit in aqua blue, spins overhead.

On stage, she claps her hands over her head. Before the show, she walks and claps in the circle with her band. Back on stage, she raises one hand in the air and finishes the song.

Rating: 3/5

While visiting Nashville, Tennessee, it allowed her to slow down and enjoy the simpler things. She ordered some bratwurst from Kuchina + Keller and drank some cider. It was an unexpected piece of home in a new place. She toured the museum Ryman Auditorium and attended a concert of classic country stars in the evening.

At the local store, she bought herself some cowboy boots. The clerk complimented her on them and noting her accent, asked here where she was from. “Australia,” she answered, “But I call the UK home.” The clerk exclaimed “Wow! I really want to go there someday! What do you do there?” She grinned as she took out her credit card. There were certain sections of the United States who didn’t know who she was and it was a great experience to be anonymous somewhere.

She had heard horrendous stories about the southern parts of the United States. However, at the hotel, a middle-aged couple struck up a conversation with her and teased her about using lift instead of elevator. They gave her recommendations as to where to eat and told her she had to see the Quarry at Warner Parks before she left.

After her visit to the park, she wrote a check. Such areas needed to be preserved and she wanted to help support the place which had given her some peace.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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