Video Review: Taylor Swift "Delicate (Version 2)"

Video Review: Taylor Swift “Delicate (Version 2)”

In the woods, Taylor Swift glances over to the left as she adjusts the camera on her phone. Wearing an ASOS Tall Suede Aviator with faux shearling coat and a “J” Tiffany necklace, she glances to the right as she moves up her phone up and down. With her face out of frame, she stands on patches of some dead grass. Behind her, the tree limbs are bare and crooked. Above, the clouds hang in the frosted sky.

She points to her necklace. As she moves her phone to the selfie stick, her face gets out of frame again. She rests her hands behind her head and grins. The forest becomes a blur as she spins her phone around. She puts her hand by her forehead and then crosses her arms. She opens her hands, reaching and puts them on both sides of her head.

She points her finger into the camera as it rocks back and forth. Shaking her head back and forth, she smiles as she spins the phone again. She puts both hands on her cheeks and reaches again for the camera with her multi-colored pastel nails.

After a quick spin, she moves the camera back and forth again, face out of her frame. She looks up to the sky and then to the right. She puckers her lips and closes her eyes.

Rating: 4/5

Taylor Swift called out to her friends that she would meet them at the clubhouse in about five minutes. She took her phone out of her pocket and began to film the woods. In it, she told her boyfriend she missed him and they have to come back to the trail again together once it gets warmer. She showed him the sky and said she hopes it doesn’t snow. She thought winter was over! They are only planning to hike maybe a couple of miles more and then come home. After she gets done with video, she’s going to get something to eat with her friends. She says she loves him and sends him the video message.

At the campground, she sits at the picnic table and grabs a paper plate. She compliments her friend on her pasta salad and tells she looks forward to it all the time. She reaches over and grabs a piece of fried chicken from the tip, her finger burning from the heat nd places on her plate. A friend says she likes her nails. She says thank you and said she wanted to do something for Easter. Another friend gets out of her phone and wants to take a picture. A minute later, she receives the notification on her phone that she was tagged in the photo. Her brother likes the photo and says it looks like fun and it sucks he couldn’t come. She opens the Free People app and asks her friends for their opinion on a jumper she saw for sale. They saw she should get it. She taps the jumper and orders it.

After they finish eating, she helps clean up and throws the trash in the bins. She sighs and says she’s so sick of winter. Her friends nod while their gather their purses. She ties her sneakers and waits for her friends by the bathroom. She touches her stomach. She can’t eat another bite.

Director: Taylor Swift Year: 2018

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