Video Review: Jordin Sparks “Tattoo (US Version)”

Jordin Sparks, hands in pockets, walks on the pier and looks around.

Against a black background, she stands, wearing a black sweater and fades. A young man appears in the left corner.

Wearing a blouse and jeans, she walks along the closed carousel.

At the pier, her two best friends greet her and walk with her. She spots a young man by the railing. He turns around and smiles at her. After turning around several times to look at him, her best friends walk away. The young man walks behind her.

In black-and-white, she sits on her bed.

She turns to see him following her through the arcade. She grins at the young man as she walks from pole to pole on the carousel. Confetti falls as she stands next to him. Her best friends clap for her. Blake Lewis dances with her.

In blouse and jeans, she leans on the horse and smiles.

Rating: 2/5

Jordin Sparks wasn’t used to getting attention from guys, Usually, she stared at them and they didn’t know she was alive. However, while out at the pier with her friends, a young man noticed her. One of her best friends told her that she better talk to him. She pulled her shoulders in and blushed. It was a sweet moment. She didn’t expect it to go any further.

To her surprise, he began to follow her, waiting for her to say hello. She looked over every so often, wondering if he had given up. She slowed down at the carousel, her favorite ride. She told him her father used to take her every summer to the pier. He would sit beside her on the ride and crack jokes. He passed away two years ago. The young man said he was sorry and hugged her.

For several months, they dated. Her friends were ecstatic that she had a boyfriend. Her mom thought he was a gentleman. However, something seemed off about the relationship to her. He called her on his terms. She often made up excuses as to why he broke plans. She waited for her friends to call her out or for her mother to express some concern. However, they gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Then she received a strange text message from him. “Hey, babe. I really liked the club we went to last night.” He told her he a class that night and couldn’t hang out. She answered, “yeah, it was really fun. When can we do it again?” He answered with a smiley face emoticon and sent her a picture. Sparks was cropped out of it. “Nice Photoshop,” she retorted and snapped her phone shut. She sobbed in her bed for hours.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2007

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