Video Review: The Chainsmokers “Everybody Hates Me”

Alex and Andrew drive through a tunnel, which connects to the ocean. In Alex’s Jeep, Andrew looks over to see if anyone is following them and slumps in his seat. Alex stands up in his seat and continues to stare behind him. He sits back down and then a few seconds later, stands up again.

Alex and Andrew perform on an aqua lit stage. The screen behind them projects them driving through the tunnel. The color rotates between the neon rose and aqua. On the screen, Andrew gets out of the Jeep.

Alex walks down a hallway inside a club and bumps into a person with two x’s for eyes and a line for a mouth. Andrew closes his eyes underwater. On screen, the people with two x’s for eyes walk in the club. Alex, lit in crimson red, smokes and drinks.

Andrew sings underwater and then raises his arms. The pool seems to be connected to the stage.

The screen changes behind them to show Andrew underwater and returns back to Alex at the club.

Alex pours gasoline on top of a car. On stage, the drummer’s sticks are on fire while he plays. Alex holds the gas can and pours it on the hood of the car on screen.

Alex stands with Andrew and tosses his cigarette at the car. It explodes.

Alex and Andrew drive through the tunnel again.

Rating: 0/5

Andrew stays silent as Alex drives. The comments on his social media have been bugging him lately. Every post or observation is met with criticism. The press ignores them. It has made him paranoid. He stares at everyone, wanting to know if they are the person leaving the comment. There is no one he can trust. They could be some anonymous person online, trashing his hair or ideas. He has become a recluse.

Alex, though, has become self-destructive. He goes to a club where everyone is the same. He can’t tell the emotions in their eyes or read the expressions on their face. They gesture but do not speak. Unsettled by the lack of communication, he sits at a table by himself and drinks. He seems to be the only human there. After being pushed aside all night, he goes into the parking lot and torches a car. He doesn’t care. All he worked for is slipping away and none of it matters. People would rather tear someone down than encourage people to follow their dreams. Long-term fame and success was promised to them and now it’s as though, he believed in a pyramid scheme. He waits for the meeting with the record label, informing them they are dropped.

Director: Rory Kramer Year: 2018

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