Video Review: Eminem “Framed”

On television, news reporter Stan Dresden of Channel 8 stands in front of a home and states for two weeks, residents in the metro Detroit area have been afraid to leave their homes. Marshall Mathers also known as Eminem escaped from a mental institution. Dresden points to the home and says Mathers has locked himself inside.

In the home, Eminem draws on the coffee table, listening as the news reporter continues his story. He looks up at the couple he murdered, sitting in their chairs, their throats slit.

Eminem runs from tree to tree in the forest. Wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants, he stands in the hallway of the mental institution.

He punches the screen, splattering it with blood.

In one his animated black-and-white drawings, an eye holds a beer while two cigarettes hang in the sky.

He jerks his arms and twitches. He picks up a severed arm. An animated black-and-white drawing shows a woman’s hand, the fingers moving in and out of the joint. Back in the home. tips of the woman’s nails lie on the piano keys. Three versions of Eminem twitch and jerk in the family room. He positions the woman’s head on the chair. On television, two hands twist in the sink.

Dresden calls Detective Shelter over and asks him for a few words. Shelter says Eminem believes he’s being set up for the current string of murders in Detroit, Michigan. Dresden asks him for a number and Shelter states it’s in the double digits. Dresden wants to know why Eminem thinks he’s innocent. Shelter tells him they are trying to figure out Eminem’s reasons and checks his pocket watch. It’s 2:54 a.m.

At 3 a.m., Eminem listens to the door creak and watches as Detective Shelter walks inside. Shelter sits across from him and points to the door. Two eyes are drawn above him. Eminem puts both hands over his ears. Shelter takes out his watch and spins it in front of him.

In an animated black-and-white drawing, three men hide in a fast food plastic fry container and eye the hamburger next to them. A burglar smirks.

Shelter, in the mental institution, moves the watch in front of Eminem who sits in a wheelchair. He sees the man. whose throat he slit, smile as he reads a comic book and looks at the motivational posters. Shelter takes a needle from the nurse’s tray and flicks it. Eminem pushes back and Shelter gives him the shot in his stomach. Eminem is subdued and led out by the doctors. Over the intercom, two doctors are paged.

Rating: 1/5

Eminem shows his drawings to his doctor. He points to the figures and says he didn’t do it. Someone else took their lives. All of them. The doctor nods and writes it in his notes. There are so many lives lost because of some crazed man, Eminem adds, why am I here? The doctor asks for the nurse. Eminem sees the nurse and cries out “no, no!” He fights back and the doctor gives him a shot. He slumps in his wheelchair. Two hours later, he wakes in his padded cell.

The families deserve justice. The guilty person should turn themselves in to the police.  Eminem hollers for the doctors and cries. He doesn’t deserve to live. The memories start again, focusing on the last couple. Their smiling faces and loving glances. He puts his hands over to his ears as their laughter rings in his ears. Their lives were not real. They were only characters inside in his head.

No one believes him. An orderly slips his meal through a chute. He bites into the sandwich and spits out his pills. He’s not crazy and shouldn’t even be here. He wants to go outside and take a walk or drive to Royal Oak to hang out with some friends. Time seems to have disappeared and it’s as though he no longer exits past the bars. At some point, he had a family of his own. Though, on his better days, he talks about a wife and children. Some memories drift in and out, made unclear from the haze of his medication. Reality needs to be proven to him on a daily basis. He falls asleep in his bed, whispering a once familiar name.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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