Video Review: George Michael “Careless Whisper”

At night, in London, England, George Michael grabs some rope hanging from a ceiling as he walks on a darkened stage. He begins to perform.

With the blinds drawn, he pulls his girlfriend into bed into him. He pushes her hair back and kisses her.

On stage, he holds onto the microphone.

She tips his hat and kisses him at the dock before they take a ride on his boat.

A man plays the guitar.

A young woman, walks out of a limousine. As she carries her leather jacket, she glances over her shoulder and smirks. In a white one-piece swimsuit, she throws her head back as she sits on the edge of the Michael’s boat. He calls her over to him. She sits next to him and he stares into her eyes, In silhouette, they make love in his bed. The next morning, his girlfriend opens the door to his apartment and sees the other woman sitting at the vanity, a bath towel over her head with an arrogant smile.

She runs to her private jet, suitcase in hand, ignoring Michael’s shouts to stop. She looks to see his sweaty face below. The plane takes off over the water. In the afternoon, he walks along the balcony of his apartment building.

Back at home, she holds up her hand, viewing the ring he gave her and touches the stone. She rests her cheek on her hand. Michael leans on the railing and watches the sun set. He returns back to his apartment.

Rating: 4.5/5

The greedy affair was one George Michael chased, unshackling him from illusory chains her girlfriend locked onto his ankles. He celebrated with the executives during the meetings, bragging about his girlfriend’s naivetĂ©. He let out a rowdy laugh as he recounted his lie he told and then met with the other woman.

The other woman was pure leather and clout. Her little black book was the talk of the men among the company. Bedding her was a rite of the passage for the newly promoted. She knew every CEO in the city and a rejection could get a rising star blacklisted in the industry. Cocaine and introductions to high society parties followed.

She savored her power, creating drama to end her lover’s current relationships. She purposely stayed late or made excuses to walk by when his girlfriend was around. Adrenaline pumped in his body as he noticed the other woman across the street, thrilling him to the core. Then, he was caught. Putting on his pants and racing out the door, he ran to her, apologizing. He was only trying to attain the charmed and affluence she was born into.

After they broke up, he quit his job and sailed his boat for a while. He only wanted to stare at the sea and think.

Director: Duncan Gibbins Year: 1984


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