Video Review: Tinashe, Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana “Me So Bad”

Tinashe, wearing a plaid tennis skirt and a cropped t-shirt, walks onto the tennis court lined with pink balls. She taps the ball on the ground with racket and serves the ball.

In the athletic office, French Montana rubs his hands together.

Young Thug watches Tinashe from his lounge chair.

She lies on the tennis court, wearing at thistle purple pants and jacket, a pink bra and headphones. She and several dancers perform a routine on the tennis court.

She sits next to Young Thug and drinks some champagne. She puts her arm on his shoulder while they sit in the golf cart. A young woman slurps from her large soda cup from Rally’s.

She sits in French Montana’s office and poses by his desk. Back on the patio, four women, dressed in white crop tops and skirts, dance and drink from the bottle.

Montana raps in his chair and shows off his gold necklaces. Two women, wearing red, carry drinks to him on each side of his desk. He puts his arm around Tinashe.

Wearing a sparkly, black bra and white shorts, Tinashe walks past the true blue lit lockers in the locker room. The dancers perform a routine in the locker room.

At the table, a young woman eats some fries on her tray.

Lavender balloons roll on the court while Tinashe continues to listen to music. She turns off the stereo in the locker room. In Montana’s office, she rolls some scarlet red golf balls in her hand.

Rating: 1/5

Every weekend, Tinashe practices tennis at the country club. She usually invites a couple of friends and they hang out. The membership fee is only about $10 per month. It’s a relaxed atmosphere without a dress code. The club offered golf lessons, networking seminars and hosted job fairs, opening the club up to the community.

Although the club had a diner, serving a buffet of wine smoothies and fries, she and her friends often chose to eat at the Rally’s. Around the table, they burped and slurped through their meal as they watched two men play a round of tennis. After her practice, she bought some champagne from the vendor and drank with her friends. Tennis, for her, was cheaper than the gym. Although she had some vague idea how the game was played, she sometimes just hit the balls from the machine to get some exercise.

Her friend French Montana manages the club. However, his administrative role involves collecting past due payments from members and solving customer problems at the restaurant. He works on his decade old computer and has to call in a tech guy at least once a week to fix an error. He twiddles his thumbs as the regional manager presses him about value and message. While on a conference call, he emails his assistants and requests some wine. The club is in the red and will be closing soon due to numerous complaints. Montana is going to drain every bottle of wine until he is laid off.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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